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Quirky Festival Wedding at The Wellbeing Farm // Caz and Scott

Quirky Wellbeing Farm Festival Wedding

Bride and groom and llamas at the wellbeing farmI was going to do my usual blog write up for Caz and Scott’s amazingly quirky Wellbeing Farm wedding. However, Caz got in touch with her own summary of the day and it’s so utterly brilliant that I decided it was far better to hear about it from her rather than me.

Before I hand over to Caz I’m going to take a moment just to repeat myself – I LOVE the Wellbeing Farm. Like Caz and Scott it is crammed full of personality and there’s quite literally a surprise around every corner (normally a surprise in the shape of a bow tie wearing Llama!)

If you’re planning a wedding there then take a look through this blog, and my past Wellbeing Farm weddings, then get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!  

Now, over to Caz!  

“So Scott and I met in our local pub 17 years ago. It was during the 2002 World Cup and we, like most of the country had piled into the local drinking establishments to get behind England in a crucial match against Denmark. England won that day…and so did I!

Getting wed wasn’t at the top of our list. We travelled, we bought houses and we had two beautiful children. Then, to my delight and surprise, three years ago Scott proposed on Christmas Day. I was giddy with excitement, yet neither of us made any attempt to turn that sparkly ring into a wedding! The thought of that big, grand day overwhelmed us both so much that the years passed without us doing anything.

wellbeing farm wedding venuebride has make up done on wedding morning bridal make up inspiration wedding bridal details and inspiration bridesmaid has make up applied bride and briesmaid share a giggle during bridal prep mother of the bride outfit inspiration two piece bridal wear inspiration quirky festival wedding details and inspiration festival wristband inspirationFather of the bride and groom take a moment before ceremony Father of the bride waits patiently for his daughter groom awaits his bride nervously bride fixes dads pocket square and buttonhole flowergirls and bridesmaid arrive at the wellbeing farm bride walks down the isle at the wellbeing farm arm in arm with dad nervous smiles from the bride at the wellbeing farm bride and grooms first look at the wellbeing farm bride and groom look on as guest gives a reading during the wedding ceremony bride and groom smile at each other during quirky wedding at the wellbeing farm mother of the bride sheds a tear at wedding ceremony bride and groom exchange wedding rings First kiss as husband and wife First kiss at the wellbeing farmbride and groom walk back down the isle bride and groom walk down the isle as husband and wife at the wellbeing farm celebrations and colourful confetti at the wellbeing farm

Wedding planning – Caz and Scott’s way!

I love nothing more than attending a wedding. They are just the BEST days and being a guest is great…but the thought of attending my own scared me to blumin’ death!

When it came to thinking about our wedding plans I knew I wanted a fabulous dress, all the colours of the rainbow and flowers everywhere but the rest needed to be as relaxed and informal as possible.

Unlike me, Scott hates a fuss and he didn’t want anything traditional so our visions were the same – ish! We both wanted a day that was different and packed full of personality. A wedding that was all about love and fun with very little ‘official’ bits.

However, we still hadn’t set a date. Then Scott’s brother told us he was travelling over to England from his home in Australia. This was big news. All the family would be together at Easter so we decided to celebrate that by getting married!

Wedfest at the Wellbeing Farm

I plucked up the courage and dipped my toe into the world of wedding planning. I googled “quirky weddings” and up popped The Wellbring Farm.  I liked the name, gave them a  call and within days was there for a visit. Within five minutes of arriving I knew it was the place for us.

Wedding venue booked we decided to have a break from it all (ha!) and start wedding planning in earnest after Christmas. Cue three months of frantic box ticking and decision making! Wedfest was go!

Our theme was quite simply ‘rainbow surfer dreams’ haha! The decor was bright and bold, with all the colours of the rainbow and then some! We had flowers in milk bottles and jars mixed with neon pom poms everywhere. The venue spoke for itself and we just added a little bit of magic.

Drinks reception at the wellbeing farm Magician entertains guests at quirky wedding festival guests marvel at magician during wedding reception Hit The Dance Floor entertain guests during drinks reception at the wellbeing farm Couples portraits at the wellbeing farm bride and groom at the wellbeing farm beautiful bridal portraits in the tractor shed at the wellbeing farm alternative wedding photography by Nik Bryant Bride and groom wander through the grounds of the wellbeing farm bride and groom and crakerjack the donkey at the wellbeing farm Llamas at the wellbeing farm Bolton Bride and groom laugh and smile during portrait session at the wellbeing farmrustic barn wedding venue decoration inspiration Father of the brides speech at the wellbeing farm bride looks on as her dad gives speech Father of the brides speech at wellbeing farm wedding in bolton bride looks at her husband as he gives a speech at the wellbeing farm wedding grooms speech at the wellbeing farm bolton two best men give a speech at bolton farm wedding bride and groom laugh during bolton farm wedding best man gives speech at quirky wellbeing farm wedding bride breaks with tradition and addresses guests at farm wedding in bolton brides speech during quirky festival wedding

Choosing a wedding photographer

I have to say, choosing our photographer was easy! Nik was all kinds of cool and amazing! We instantly knew he was our guy the moment we met him.

He made us both feel relaxed and excited for the big day! I love being in front of the camera however, Scott, like most men, would rather stick pins in his eyes! Luckily Nik reassured Scott so brilliantly and made him feel instantly relaxed. I skipped home the night we met Nik and couldn’t wait for all the photo magic. Scotty didn’t exactly skip (way too cool for that!) but he had a spring in his step and a little smile on his face.

Nik worked his socks off and didn’t stop all day and night! He reassured me so many times throughout the day when I felt a little nervous. HE WAS AWESOME!

I loved receiving three sneaky official pics the very next morning-it was just the nicest surprise to wake up to after the most amazing day!

Top tips for couples

My top tip is nice and simple, do what YOU want and don’t be afraid to break the rules. Your wedding your rules!

beautiful sunsets over the wellbeing farm couples sunset portraits at quirky festival wedding First dance at festival wedding at the wellbeing farm wedding guests enjoy the party at the wellbeing farm wedding party photographs at the wellbeing farm amazing creative wedding photography in bolton by nik bryant photography

Supplier Shout Outs

Venue – The Wellbeing Farm

Flowers – Love Rosie

Band – Hit The Dance Floor

Make up – Mirror Mirror

Dress – The Case Of The Curious Bride

Magic Mirror – Scene My Event

Magician – Rockstar Magic

Waterton Park Wedding Photography – Emma and Andy

Waterton Park Wedding PhotographyTattooed couple wedding inspiration

This was my first time shooting a wedding at Waterton Park and I think I’ve fallen a little bit in love with it! Set in the middle of gorgeous parkland, right in the heart of Yorkshire it’s a wedding photographer’s dream. Loads of beautiful backdrops and even a lake – you know I made use of that for some portraits of Andy and Emma for their Waterton park wedding photography!

Waterton Park wedding ceremony

I love it when couples hold everything at one venue, it can make for a much more relaxed day. Once everyone arrives they know they can kick back, grab a glass (or two!) of fizz and get ready to party!

I spent the morning with the girls. Emma was slightly nervous but looking forward to seeing Andy. Most brides confide that walking down the aisle, is the moment they are most nervous of. They also tell me later that it’s actually not nerve wracking at all and they love seeing their groom’s face! Speaking as a past groom that was one of my favourite moments of the day, when I saw my wife walking towards me. She had a huge smile on her face and I couldn’t stop grinning!

 I love the photos of Andy just before Emma walks in, you can see his nerves and then his face breaking out into a big, beaming grin as he sees his bride. The ceremony was so intimate, you could really feel the love and warmth that the two of them have for each other.

 Once the formalities were done and dusted we headed out into the grounds of Waterton Park for confetti, a few family photos and some portraits of the couple.

bridal makeup at waterton park waterton park bridal make up bride has make up by team at waterton park mother of the bride fastens wedding dress tattooed bride wedding dress inspiration groom on wedding morning groom straightens his tie american football groom cufflinks tattooed groom suit inspiration bride arrives at ceremony room bride and groom share a look during wedding ceremony vows shared at waterton park bride and groom smile during wedding ceremony brides reaction to grooms vows wedding ring exchange at waterton park black and white wedding ring exchange first kiss as husband and wife confetti at waterton parkcouple walk towards walton hall at waterton park Disney wedding decoration details tattooed bride and groom on the lake at walton hall tattooed wedding couple kiss at waterton park Walton Hall and Waterton ParkCreative wedding portraits

Spending time with a couple on the day is so important to me. It gives them a chance to have a breather and take some time out together. Once the ceremony is over you’re caught up in a whirlwind of congratulatory hugs and hardly get a moment to catch your breath!

I try and take couples out for portraits at two points during the day, once in between ceremony and their wedding breakfast and again later on in the evening once it’s going dark. I love creatively lit portraits and it’s a big reason why my couples book me. With Andy and Emma we stayed around the lake during the afternoon. It’s such an amazing location I really wanted to make the most of it for them. Once the sun set we ventured out again to get a shot of the two of them with the stunning hotel as a backdrop. I love it when we can really show off the couple’s venue, it will bring back great memories for them both in years to come.

father of the bride speech father of the brides speech at waterton park groom nervously gives his wedding speech grooms speech at waterton park father of the groom cries at his sons speech best man rips into groom during his speech tattooed couple on the bridge at waterton park hotel bridal portraits on the edge of the lake tattooed bride and groom tattooed first dance inspiration first dance at waterton park and walton hall wedding guests fill the dance floor dance floor action at walton hall rock n roll wedding party stunning wedding portrait at Walton Hall at night

Thank you

Andy and Emma, thank you so much for having me along to be part of your day, I had such a great time photographing your wedding at Waterton Park! Future brides and grooms, if you are planning your day there then get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your plans.


Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photography // Vanessa and Joe

Owen House Wedding Barn Photography

Creative wedding photography at Owen House Wedding BarnLet’s clear things up before any rumours start, contrary to what the photos may suggest Joe didn’t actually get arrested on the morning of his wedding! That’s just an old family friend arriving at groom prep. He was released from the handcuffs before the ceremony began I can assure you!

It was slightly calmer and less raucous over at the girls. Ness was excitedly getting ready surrounded by friends while her Dad hid in the kitchen with a beer. Typical Father of the Bride behaviour!

Over at the church Joe, following a pre-wedding pint, kept himself busy greeting guests. He had a huge smile on his face and was telling everyone that he couldn’t wait for Ness to arrive. The elation on their faces when they saw each other was wonderful to see, I love moments like that!

At every wedding you can guarantee a number of things will happen. One of them (and my favourite!) is HUGS! These guys didn’t disappoint! Straight after the ceremony there was so much hugging and high fives and grins. The warmth and love that their family and friends have for Ness and Joe was so apparent.

Bride has make up applied Bridal make up prep photograph bride and bridesmaid share a look over bridal flowers Bride applies finishing touches to make up Father of the bride looks at bridesmaid dress Bride gets into wedding dress Father of the bride first look dad and daughter hug on morning of wedding groom is marched back to house by dad groom laughing wearing police hat groom drinks champagne hugs in the pub on wedding morning father and bride arrive at church bridesmaids walk towards church in burgundy dresses priest lighting candles in church groom laughing before church service Father of the bride walks his daughter down the isle bride and groom see each other for the first time Exchange of wedding rings bride and groom exchange wedding rings bride and groom sign the wedding registerbride and groom exit church wedding guest miles and hugs groom confetti thrown in church grounds

Unique Wedding Venue

Confetti thrown and many, many hugs given it was time to head over Owen House Wedding Barn to continue the celebrations. This is such a unique venue. Tucked away in the Cheshire countryside it’s set on a working farm which, as you can imagine, makes for fantastic photos! The Barn looked incredible, it’s got a real rustic charm yet looks pretty darn cool as well! Ness and Joe had really gone to town on the decor and I loved the neon lights they’d strung up. They made it into more than a few photos!

Once Ness and Joe had grabbed a glass of fizz we decided to head out and explore the farm, getting a few portraits along the way of course. Their handsome pup decided to join us for a few pictures too, we couldn’t leave him out!

Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding

After some of my signature night time portraits Ness and Joe were straight back on the dancefloor. The party was going wild! DJ Andy Murphy was in charge of the tunes and he made sure everyone was on their feet all night. He’s one of the best around!

Owen House Wedding Barn venue Inspiration Owen House Wedding Barn Portraits Dogs at weddings inspiration Bridal Portraits at Owen House Wedding Barn Bride and Groom Kiss by the pampas grass Creative wedding portraits by Nik Bryant Owen House wedding Barn Photography Couples portraits at owen house Kissing couple in the pampas grass Father of the brides speech Father of the bride stands for his speech Grooms Speech at Owen house Best Mans Speech at Owen House Wedding Barn Groom hies head in hands during best mans speech First Dance at Owen House Wedding Barn Filled Dance Floor at Owen House DJ Andy Murphy Wedding Guests Party at Owen House

Getting Married at Owen House Wedding Barn?

This was such a great wedding to be a part of and I loved shooting at Owen House. If you’re planning your own Owen House Wedding Barn wedding then give me a shout. I’d love to chat to you about your wedding photography.

Mitton Hall Wedding Photography – Tom and Bex

Mitton Hall Creative Portraits

Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

Mitton Hall Wedding PhotographyMitton Hall is a legendary venue in the wedding world. As a photographer you know you’re going to get well looked after (the food is delicious, always a bonus!). The grounds make for amazing photos and the best couples get married there! Bex and Tom, I’m looking at you guys!

Bridal Prep at the Family Home

 I started the day with Bex and her girls. Tom was getting ready at home with their son Cian so the girls had taken over her parents house. I have a bit of a soft spot for brides getting ready at home, there’s something really lovely about parents and their  daughter leaving the family home together on a wedding day. Bex had been a planning queen and had come up with lots of little touches for the day. Including a ‘father of the bride’ whiskey tumbler for her Dad so he could have a tipple before they set off. Turned out he really needed that drink as he was overcome with emotion when he saw Bex in her dress for the first time. In fact, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. I may have had to sneakily wipe away a tear or two myself!

Bride has make up applied Bridal make up on the morning of Mitton Hall Wedding bridal make up wedding flower crown inspiration bridesmaid helps bride with ear rings dad holds back tears when seeing daughter

Second Shooters and Groom Prep

Meanwhile, my second shooter was hanging out with the boys. Tom was pretty chilled out and little cheeky chappy Cian stole the show. He looked so dapper in his wedding suit! A mini replica of his Dad’s, complete with watch chain. Tom didn’t scrub up too badly either! I love that Bex had put together a ‘groom’s survival kit’ for him. Including socks to stop him getting cold feet and some miniature gins to calm his nerves!

groom fixes his cufflinks groom straightens tie in mirror wedding countdown sign inspiration groom helps son with shoes groom and son on wedding morning Groom and son in matching whitfied and ward suits

Lancashire Wedding Church Ceremony

Bex and Tom had chosen a more traditional wedding ceremony at St Lawrence’s a quaint church in Longridge. The heavens opened as Bex arrived but she was escorted into the church by some ushers wielding umbrellas. They’re always handy to have around – both ushers and umbrellas!

groom and best man at church bride arrives at church in wedding car bride walked down the isle by father clitheroe church wedding service bride smiles during wedding service black and white wedding service bride and groom during church wedding wedding rings exchanged during church service bride signs the wedding registerstepladder wedding decoration inspirationmitton hall wedding decoration inspiration bride and son play with disposable camera little boy plays with disposable camera at a wedding

Mitton Hall wedding portraits

Now that Tom and Bex were officially husband and wife it was time to celebrate! The rain was still coming down (good old Lancashire weather!) but Mitton Hall is the perfect venue for a slightly wet wedding. The three of us took some time out to explore the Hall and get some portraits. Then, as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, we dashed outside for some photos of the two of them and the all important confetti shot. Always one of my favourite parts of the day.

Dancefloor Couture were on hand to get the party started in their inimitable style. Tom and Bex had a break from the dancefloor for a few night-time portraits (a bit of a speciality of mine!) and then we left them to enjoy the rest of their night.

bride and groom laugh during portraits in the bridal suite bridal portraits at Mitton Hall Hotel Bride and groom share a moment during portraits at Mitton Hall Natural wedding make up inspirationCreative Mitton Hall Wedding PhotographyConfetti Shower at Mitton Hall Wedding Bride leads Groom to top table Father of the bride speech at mitton hallbride looks on at groom as he gives speech groom gives speech at mitton hall best mans speech at mitton hall hotel groom hides his face in reaction to best mans speech groom is embarrassed by best manBride and Groom cut the cake Mitton Hall Wedding first dance First dance at mitton hall groom dancing at mitton hall DFC Lancashire bring the party guests party and dance at mitton hall mother of the bride on the dance floor at mitton hall Creative wedding portrait outside Mitton Hall at Night Married couple silhouette outside Mitton Hall

Getting Married at Mitton Hall

As you can probably tell I’m a huge fan of Mitton Hall weddings so if you’re getting married there then get in touch with me. I’d love to hear all about your plans!

Supplier Role Call

Flowers – Flowers With Passion

Dj – Dance Floor Couture 

Make Up – Abby Holt at Halcyon Days

Dress – Enzoni from Lulu Browns

Suits – Whitfield & Ward

History of Mitton Hall

This stunning Tudor mansion house is Grade II listed and over 550 years old. A ‘Manor of Little Mitton’ was first granted by Robert de Lacy to Sir Ralphe de Mitton in 1189, the current house was not built until 1487 but the land Mitune was mentioned in the Domesday book. By the Tudor period the De Mitton family were no longer lords of the manor and the house was built by the owners at the time the Caterall family. The family held the house until Elizabeth Caterall married Thomas Shireburne. The house was sold in 1664 due to the shireburnes financial insecurity. The house was purchased by Alexander Holt a London goldsmith. Descendents of the Alexander Holt, the Aspinall family remain Lord of Mitton Manor to this day. The hall was leased to a number of people including John Hick (of Hick Hargreaves engineers of Bolton) in 1874. For a period during the Second World War the house was occupied by The Third Field Training Regiment. The last tenants moved out in 1966 and the house reopened as a restaurant and Country Club in 1968. The Hall has been run as a hotel and events venue since the 1980s.

Mitton Hall is one of only a few timber framed open hall  buildings in Lancashire. The building has had a number of more recent stone extensions which are sympathetic to the original great hall building. The first of these extensions took place in the 1600s and then a another set of extensions were completed in 1844 and then again in 1880. Other minor changes have been added to the house over the last 100 years as each owner has stamped their mark on the house.

The interior of Mitton Hall is laden with original features including fine timbered walls, beautiful plasterwork and fireplaces. The original Great Hall is still the centre of the Hall. In some rooms the modern decor sits beside original features to provide a sumptuous atmosphere. The galleried walkway around the great hall is beautiful and it feels like you have stepped back in time, a criss cross of carved wooden staircases leads off the walkway. A fabulous grand piano sits in the great hall but the huge original stone fireplace is the centrepiece of this versatile space. Look up to see the restored timbers in the roof above. Beautiful carvings can be seen over the bar and in some of the quiet seating areas on the ground floor as well as above some of the fireplaces. Some of the building boasts stained glass windows which lets dappled light into the Great Hall. The building has been sympathetically restored and it feels as though the different eras of this hotel flow together well to provide a beautiful venue. Outside Mitton Hall the beautiful Ribble Valley awaits you with views stretching out for miles across open countryside. The river is a feature of the landscape and can be seen from various parts of the site. Closer to the building there are beautiful lawns, planted borders and mature trees. An array of roses can be enjoyed in the summer and the trees provide beautiful autumn colours, see lambs gamboling in the surround fields in the spring. There are areas for outdoor entertaining, eating and drinking. Furniture has been carefully chosen to reflect the house and sits easily beside the stone work of the hall.


King Street Townhouse Wedding // Lu and Chris

married couple stand on the roof of king street townhouseWhen I first met up with Lu and Chris and they told me their story I totally fell in love with these guys as a couple. They told me about the cool ideas for the wedding, the Game of Thrones theme and then the venue! It has long been on my list to photograph an awesome King Street Townhouse Wedding and then up pop Lu and Chris.

Bridal Prep at King Street Townhouse

When I arrived at King Street Town House the girls were getting ready in one of the hotels 40 rooms. With each room individually styled and decorated it really adds to the luxurious feel of this Italian renaissance building which was the previous home to the Manchester Salford Trustees Bank.

With the girls popping champagne and Kerrang! on the TV it really set the bar and the tone for the day!

bridesmaid pours champagneBridal preparations at King Street Townhouse Weddingbride has her hair done at King Street Townhouse ManchesterBride receives her bouquet from Northern Flower Manchester Brides reflection in mirrorBridal makeup at Manchester WeddingBridal makeup at King Street Townhouse weddingBridal make upBride has lip liner appliedbridesmaids lace up wedding dresswedding dress being laced up by bridesmaidsbride watches as her bridesmaids lace up her wedding dressGroom portrait outside King Street Townhouse Manchester

King Street Town House Wedding Ceremony

Chris and Lu chose the stunning 6th floor lounge and south terrace for their wedding ceremony. This stunning room with terrace overlooking Manchester is the absolute perfect setting for any city centre wedding of up to 100 guests. Alternatively for smaller weddings King street townhouse boasts two other small hubs with wooden flooring and traditional wall panelling are perfect for smaller ceremonies.brides father walks her down the isle at king street town housebride and groom during ceremony at manchester weddingBride and groom at King street townhouseexchange of rings during king street townhouse ceremonybride and groom share a moment during wedding ceremonyring exchange during king street townhouse wedding

Game Of Thrones Wedding Styling

So Lu and Chris won’t mind me telling you that they are self confessed geeks but I love that. When we met we chatted all about Star Wars, Tattoos, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and most importantly, the show that forged the relationship between this stunning couple, Game Of Thrones! After meeting at a friends house party back in 2008 neither of the pair thought anything of it but 5 years later meeting again via facebook and chatting over a mutual love of Game Of Thrones is what kickstarted the relationship so it would have been rude not to have this theme running through the wedding which can be seen from details down to table names and bottles of “wildfire” as favours.Black Wedding Cake InspirationGame Of Thrones Table Plan Inspiration

When it came to tattoos Lu was very much all about having these on display on the wedding day and you can see how incredibly stunning she looked in her dress. Chris however was in the process of having laser removal for a tattoo on his hand which I was told was a Vegas Special. From what I am told Lu and Chris and a few friends all got matching tattoos out in Vegas and even under the advice of his wife to be to not tattoo his hand he went for it!tattooed bride and bouquet

City Portraits and The Roof Terrace

From arriving in the morning and spending time with Lu and her girls I knew that the cold January wouldn’t be an issue for getting these guys outside for some cool (in every sense of the word) portraits. We managed to get out on the roof which gives perfect views across Manchester City Centre and of the spires and clock tower of the town hall. These views and the mix of  Chimneys and rooftops over the beautiful skyline is one of the main reasons to have a King Street Townhouse Wedding. Later in the evening before the party really started we managed to head out into the city for more shots and the cold didn’t stop these two.bride and groom kiss outside king street townhouseManchester bridal portraitbride and groom portraits on the streets of manchesterBride and Groom on the roof of King Street TownhouseWinter wedding portraits on the roof of Manchesters King Street TownhouseWinter wedding portraits on the streets of manchesterWinter wedding portraits in ManchesterBride and Groom share a kiss in ManchesterManchester wedding photography

Rock and Roll on The 6th Floor

The evening party was brought in by good friend and awesome DJ Tom Hardwick. With Lu and Chris being self confessed metal heads (even

Chris’ mum was asking for slayer) Tom was the clear choice. Not only does he know his stuff when it comes to keeping a dance floor packed when you ask him to spin headbanging metal tunes it will be one hell of a party, and from what I hear later in the night Lu slipped on her dress and while trying to save her prosecco managed to cut her hand creating what she affectionately calls her wedding battle scar. Total Rock and Roll wedding story right there!

Battle scars aside Lu and Chris were the perfect couple to work with in the cold January and I am sure they as much fun as I did while shooting this awesome King Street Townhouse Wedding. Congratulations guys and all the best!

Father of the bride gives a speech Father of the brides speech Bride and father share a moment during speeches groom gives a speech at Manchester Wedding Bride laughs at grooms speech grooms speech at king street townhouse Grooms sister gives a speech at Manchester wedding Bride and Groom cut into game of thrones wedding cake First dance at king street town house wedding First dance at Manchester Winter Wedding bridesmaid lets loose on the dancefloor dancefloor party at Winter wedding bride and bridesmaids do shots at winter wedding

Getting Married at King Street Town House

The team at King Street Town House will do whatever it takes to give you the perfect wedding day. From arranging private hire of the 6th floor terrace  all the way through to going all out and having exclusive use of the entire house, 40 bedrooms and access to the infinity pool and spa area for you and all your guests. When it comes to food King Street Town House chefs know how to put on a spread. From delicious hog roasts to BBQ on the heated terrace of the 6th floor or the finest dining experience to afternoon tea they have it all worked out.

If you have decided on King Street Town House for your wedding  then please do get in touch!

The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding // Rae and Adam

The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding // Rae and Adam

Bride and Groom share a moment in front of The Oak Tree Of PeoverWhen I first met Adam and Rae I knew instantly that this would be a super cool, laid back and fun Oak Tree Of Peover wedding and it didn’t disappoint. Setting the date for Friday the 13th for most couples would be a complete no go but for Rae and Adam it just added to the unconventional elements of the wedding.

As mentioned, yes, these guys tied the knot on Friday the 13th. So hoping nothing could go wrong the day started with the bride and her bridesmaids arriving on a mini bus to get ready at The Oak Tree Of Peover. Upon arrival all was well up until the bride received a text message showing how one of the mini bus doors had fallen off. Yep IT FELL OFF! This was just the start of things that could potentially cause a problem as Rae informed me her dad was in hospital with broken ribs and a possible collapsed lung and may not make it to the Oak Tree Of Peover wedding!

Friday the 13th and The Suspense

Ceremony time rolls around and Adam nervously awaits his school sweetheart underneath an archway he hand made from copper pipe which was just one part of the details that the couple had made themselves. It wasn’t always that way though as we were all reliably informed during the speeches. Apparently Adam went to prom with another girl but left with Rae so it all worked out in the end.

Back to Adam waiting patiently and still unsure if Rae’s dad would be making it to the wedding and with 3 minutes to the ceremony he strolls in to the bridal prep room to give his daughter the biggest hug and to wish her luck before he takes his seat. Thats right he took his seat as another part of this non traditional day was that Adam was to meet his bride at the top of the isle and they would walk each other down to be married which I thought was such a beautiful touch.

Thunder Storms and Sunny Spells

The forecast had been threatening The Oak Tree of Peover wedding all day with rain and after the week we had with incredible weather it seemed nothing could put a dampener on the day. With glorious sunshine throughout the ceremony and drinks reception giving us plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings that The Oak Tree Of Peover has. The weather didn’t last but if there was a perfect time for rain it hit during the meal then cleared out for the speeches and the reception meaning everyone could enjoy the grounds again.

With the cake cutting and first dance appearing out of nowhere Chicks with Decks brought The Oakree of Peover Wedding fully into the party spirit keeping the dancefloor occupied well into the night.

Check out the pictures below and the links for any suppliers at the bottom!

Beautiful details and centre pieces at The Oak Tree of Peover Bridal preparations at the oak tree of peover Bride has her hair sprayed by hairdresser Bride has flower crown fixed in place for her Oak Tree of Peover wedding Bride applies lipstick in windowlight Bridal portrait in beautiful window light in bridal prep roomBridesmaid wearing waistcoat walks down the isle bridesmaid carrying home made bouquet walks the isle bridesmaid enters at the oak tree bride makes her entrance at the oaktree of peover Groom greets his bride at the top of the isle for the Oak tree of peover wedding Bride and Groom walk down the isle together for the oaktree of peover weddingBride and Groom stand hand in hand under copper pipe arch way Bride and groom have a moment during the oaktree of peover wedding ceremony Bride and Groom stand under copper arch way as bridesmaid gives a reading Bride and Groom smile during ceremony at the oaktree of peover Groom reads his vows to his bride during wedding ceremony Bride reads her vows during wedding ceremony Groom exchanges rings with his bride during knutsford wedding bride gives groom wedding ring in ceremony room at the oak tree of peover Bride and Groom kiss in wedding ceremony in knutsford Groom lifts bride as they kiss and a pronounced man and wifeBride and groom walk arm in arm through confetti Bride and Groom laugh and smile as they walk through confetti Bride and Groom and bridal party stand in front of the oak tree of peover beautiful details and gin bottle centrepieces used in rustic DIY upcycled wedding Wedding breakfast room all set up at the oaktree of peover in cheshirebridal portraits in golden fields of wheat groom kissing his bride on the cheek during bridal portraits Bride and Groom walk hand in hand down the drive way of the oaktree of peover Couples portraits over the lake at the oaktree of peover wedding venue in cheshire Bride and Groom shot on the lawns over the lake Father of the bride gives his speech Groom gives a speech at the oaktree of peover wedding Bride laughing in reaction to speeches Maid of Honour address' bride and groom Best man prepares to roast his brother the groom bride laughs as the groom hides his head in his hands Father of the groom brings the speeches to a close bride and groom raise a glass in toastbridal portraits in front of the oaktree of peover best man lights a cigar groomsman lights a cigar outside the venue bride smoking a cigar during drinks reception bride and groom cut the cake before their first dance Bride and groom take to the dance floor for their first dance Bride and groom during their first dance at the oaktree of peover grooms father hugs bride and groom on the dancefloor dancefloor antics at the oaktree of peover crestive portraits at The Oaktree of Peover couple in silhouette in front of the oak tree of peover

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at The Oak Tree of Peover who looked after me on the day, kept me hydrated and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team at Olive Tree Catering for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food, Chicks with Decks for bringing the party and to the team at Flossies for the incredible venue dressing!


2018 Winter Weddings and 2019 & 2020 Bookings Now Being Taken

2018 is pretty much booked for summer but October, November and December have great availability for winter weddings and I have started taking bookings for 2019 and 2020. Thank you all for keeping me on this awesome path and if you haven’t booked yet feel free to get in touch!

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Ramsbottom Wedding Photography, A Christmas Wedding // Danny and Lauren

Ramsbottom Wedding Photography

Sometimes taking a wedding booking so close to Christmas is a difficult decision to make but when your friend of over 10 years asks you to be the person to shoot the wedding its a no brainer. Getting to do the Ramsbottom Wedding Photography for a close friend is an honour and one not to be taken lightly.

Christmas Winter Wedding In Ramsbottom

Danny and Lauren chose to get married just 3 days before Christmas. What a way to start the festive period than with gathering family and friends to celebrate with you while you marry your best friend. The celebrations started early in the morning with Lauren and her sisters and bridesmaids at home with bubbles flowing while they did hair and make up. This was followed by a beautiful and personal service at greenmount church culminating in mince pies and mulled wine rather than traditional canapes.

Photobombed By Father Christmas

Ramsbottom is a truly beautiful little town and getting to take advantage of this for portraits was such great fun. After the ceremony we took a short ride down to the train station before heading up to the civic hall  for speeches, wedding breakfast and to party in to the early hours. During the portrait session we were lucky enough to get a surprise visit from the Santa Express and a cheeky wave from the man himself. The civic hall was the setting for the rest of the day with speeches followed by fantastic food. Lauren’s dad started the speeches with a few embarrassing stories however it was Danny’s best man Ste with the full on character assassination that everyone in fits of laughter.

With this being a December wedding the light faded fast into the night which gave me some great time to create some unique and creative portraits which you can see in the gallery below.

Congratulations again to Danny and Lauren and thank you for having me there to capture your special day!

Bride applies make up before Ramsbottom Wedding Bride applies eye liner Bride sips champagne on her wedding morning Engagement ring worn by nervous bride Black and white shot of bride having her hair done for her wedding Ramsbottom Wedding bride has her dress fastened by bridesmaids Groom waits for his bride in church Groom waits nervously at church Brides dad helps her out of car as she arrives at church Bride arrives at church for ramsbottom wedding Groom and best man await the brides arival Best man helps calm the nerves of the groom at ramsbottom wedding Bride arrives at church for ramsbottom wedding Groom sees his bride for the first time at ramsbottom wedding Bride and groom during church ceremony at Ramsbottom wedding Bride and Groom exchange rings during church ceremony First kiss during church wedding in Ramsbottom Ramsbottom wedding photography Church service for bride and groom in Ramsbottom father Christmas photobombs newly married couple Ramsbottom steam rail wedding photography Ramsbottom wedding photography Ramsbottom wedding photography Wedding couple stand on steam rail platform Wedding couple on steam railway for Ramsbottom wedding photography Wedding photography taken at Ramsbottom train station Couple stand cool under victorian street lamp for wedding portraits Father of the bride gives a speech at Ramsbottom Civic Hall Father of the bride speaks at Ramsbottom wedding Groom reacts to speeches at ramsbottom wedding Bride reacts to speeches at ramsbottom wedding Grooms speech at Ramsbottom civic hall Best man speaks at ramsbottom wedding Groom reacts to best mans speech Cake cutting at ramsbottom wedding Cutting the cake at ramsbottom wedding Couple enjoy first dance at Ramsbottom wedding Creative ramsbottom wedding photography


Lancashire Wedding Photography // The Whitaker // Amy and Oona

Same sex couple wedding day in lancashireLancashire Wedding Photography // Amy and Oona

In the middle of May I had the pleasure of conducting the Lancashire wedding photography for Amy and Oona. With Olivia Whittaker alongside as the second shooter we spent our day with the gorgeous pair photographing the intimate Lancashire wedding.

Starting off with the morning prep I spent my time with Oona and her family at The Red Lion in Hawkshaw while Olivia spent her time with Amy at the home she shares with Oona. It was the day of the Royal Wedding so both parties had this on in the background and spent a little time taking interest in the dress and who was arriving ans what they were wearing but then it was time to shift focus to their day.

An Intimate Wedding at The Whitaker

The wedding was to take place at The Whitaker in Rossendale. The Whitaker is an awesome little space and is found in the heart of Rossendale, Lancashire. I can totally see why these two picked this as their venue. For a small intimate wedding The whitaker is a beautiful space, holding limited weddings each year the quirky space is certainly the place for it.

Before the ceremony the two girls wanted a first look before they walked each other down the isle and this set all the emotions flowing. This became a strong part of the day as during the speeches there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as both fathers gave beautiful and heart wrenching speeches and I am not ashamed to admit it caught me off guard and I too had a little cry.

Make sure you check out some of the shots from the day below. We also went into Manchester for a Pre Wedding shoot which you can see HERE.


Bridal Make up applied for Lancashire wedding Bridal hair by hairdresser Bride stands in kitchen before getting ready for Lancashire Wedding Bridal portraits for a Lancashire Wedding Bride to be smiles as she sees her bride for the first time Same sex wedding first look at The Whitaker in Rosendale Same sex Lancashire Wedding Photography bride wipes a tear from her wifes eye during Lancashire Wedding Brides hold hands during Lancashire same sex wedding same sex lancashire wedding photography the first kiss of newly wed same sex couple two brides showered in confetti by friends and family two brides share a kiss after getting married two brides stand hand in hand for couples portraits at Lancashire Wedding Same sex Lancashire Wedding photography bride makes a speech during same sex wedding bride laughs during the speeches bride looks to her father during the speeches couple share an embrace in the museum of The Whitaker Two brides share their first dance with family and friends late night couples portrait

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at The Whitaker for looking after Olivia and I on the day and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos and letting us have a nosey into the exhibitions!

2018 Winter Weddings and 2019 & 2020 Bookings Now Being Taken

2018 is pretty much booked for summer but October, November and December have great availability for winter weddings and I have started taking bookings for 2019 and 2020. Thank you all for keeping me on this awesome path and if you haven’t booked yet feel free to get in touch!

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