A happy couple on their wedding day at Samlesbury Hall, leaning against a dark wall with peeling paint, sharing a joyful moment. The bride in a white sleeveless dress with a floral hair accessory smiles at the groom in a blue suit, who is smiling back at her.

DIY Wedding at Samlesbury Hall // Hannah and Tom

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A smiling bride and groom pose for a photo in front of a historic building with black and white details, standing beside a water fountain with a cherub statue. The bride holds a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Hannah and Tom – A DIY Wedding at Samlesbury Hall

When Tom first read Hannah’s Plenty of Fish bio he thought she sounded far too good to be true. A love of travel, lots of time spent overseas and dozens of photos of her on crazy adventures. He almost didn’t message as he was convinced her profile was fake! Luckily he threw caution to the wind and typed out a few words. Hannah replied and since then she says they’ve not stopped talking! That initial conversation was so natural and easy that they felt like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for ages. 

Just over three years (and many, many dates and adventures) later Hannah and Tom were on holiday in Jordan. They were looking out over the spring flower meadows of Umm Qais, taking in the views across the border to Syria, when Hannah mentioned how amazing the whole day had been and how happy she was feeling. That made up Tom’s mind. He was going to propose there, rather than in Petra as he was planning. 

He set the camera up on self timer and had ten seconds to dash over to Hannah and pose – or so Hannah thought. Instead, he set the timer going, ran over to her and…got down on one knee, ring in hand! 

A gobsmacked Hannah took a while to agree to marry him but she eventually managed to blurt out a resounding yes, phew!

So, with a proposal like that you know that their wedding is going to be pretty special and it really was. This pair are perfect for each other and even a few COVID postponements didn’t ruin their plans. 

Weddings at Samlesbury Hall

Samlesbury Hall, an half timbered, black and white medieval stately home in Lancashire, was built in 1325 as a family home. Since then it has had many guises – a Great Hall, an inn (The Braddyll Arms), a school, a return to a family home and is now, in the present day, a wedding venue, events space, museum and gallery. It’s also said to be haunted by The White Lady

Hannah and Tom spent a weekend visiting wedding venues and Samlesbury was one of the first ones they viewed. They immediately fell in love with the place. They were captivated by the stunning building and its history as well as loving the grounds and the shepherd’s huts. 

Travel themed wedding decor

Hannah and Tom had gone full DIY on all the decor. They’d gone for a travel theme (of course!) and I love all the little touches from walking boots and camping mugs (filled with Prosecco for the bridesmaids) to the Arrivals and Departure Boards they’d created. Their wedding flowers were a nod back to Umm Qais and those beautiful wildflower meadows. Petal and Twig did an amazing job, creating Hannah’s wedding bouquet, the corsages and button holes out of colourful spring flowers. Hannah and Tom decorated the rest of the hall themselves and even used some of the plants they’d grown on Tom’s family farm. I am all about the personal touches on a wedding day and these two had gone all out with that! 

Samlesbury Hall wedding photography

The day was a whirlwind of smiles, hugs, laughter and emotion. Everyone there was just so overjoyed for Hannah and Tom. All the guests let out a resounding cheer when the couple had their first kiss – Hannah later told me that was one of her favourite moments of the day – and the dancefloor was absolutely packed. They even got a mini dance off going at one point! Both Hannah and Tom were showing off some very fancy footwork! 

I’m going to leave the last word of this blog to Hannah, who sums things up nicely.

“All that mattered was that we were getting married and had all the people we wanted to be there. Everything else was just background noise. Yes it’s nice to have everything you planned, but if for whatever reason you can’t, just stay focused on the positives and remember – ‘never a problem, always a solution!”