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Behind The Scenes // Working With Sitcom Soldiers

Behind The Scenes With Sitcom Soldiers

Two camera opperators frame up a shotRecently I had the pleasure of heading down to Sitcom Soldiers to shoot some behind the scenes of a music video they were shooting at their studios in Bolton for some corporate photography with a twist.

When I first started on my Journey into Photography I actually went down the route of wanting to be a film maker and spent a lot of time working with Ben and his team and I learnt more from this hard working and dedicated team than I could ever learn at university. After a little switch up I moved to photography and have had the pleasure of working alongside the Sitcom Soldiers crew on a few occasions.

Bolton Corporate Photography With Character

This time the brief was to shoot some cool behind the scenes but also images that could be defined as a working portrait. No boring corporate white wall head shots. These guys are at the top of their game and wanted the images to show them in their element. Not only are they professional and a tight knit team they also have great fun on set and I wanted this to show in the images.

With the client having flown all the way from Russia to shoot with the guys at Sitcom that shows how well they are known in the industry and the fact that they are well respected.

The theme of the shoot was blood, gore and insane weaponry to produce a music video with a gory and gruesome plot. It was great to be back on set with a team who taught me so much!

To check out the full video CLICK HERE

Welcome sign at sitcom soldiers Special FX dept mix blood for a music video Behind the scenes set dressing in bolton studio Sitcom soldiers on location portrait crew at sitcom soldiers check plans for the next shots hair and make up team on set at sitcom soldiers DOP frames up a shot on set of music video Sitcom Soldiers on set of music video Russian artist GG and set of her video for Bloody Monday

Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography // Jess and Chris

Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography

Couple kiss at sunset at Shrigley HallI recently had the pleasure of capturing the Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography for my good friends Chris and Jess. Having known Chris since school to have the honour of capturing his wedding to Jess was just amazing. When Chris first asked he said he wanted someone who could keep him at ease when emotions were high but could also have a laugh during portraits so I hope I managed to do this during the day.

Back Home For Bridal Prep

The morning of the wedding I arrived at Jess’ parents house which was lovely. With Jess going to her childhood home for one last night and morning before getting married the house was filled with laughter and lovely memories as Jess and her bridesmaids were pampered and had hair and make up by the wonderful Sarah Meredith. With Mum heading off to the salon and Dad trying to find something to keep him occupied as his house was taken over, the girls got ready.

The wedding car arrived and the time came to head to Shrigley hall. For those reading this and who know Jess it will come to much a surprise that Jess was actually early! So early in fact that the car was sent away for a little drive on no less than two occasions. With Chris waiting nervously in the ceremony room guests filled their seats and finally Jess walked down the isle.

Portraits and Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography

After a very moving an emotional ceremony we spent the day celebrating and finding amazing little spots all around Shrigley Hall for portraits. Working alongside Matt Grainger on video duty and Olivia my second shooter we were able to explore and create some amazing and beautiful portraits. Utilising different areas at different times of day we were able to keep Jess and Chris relaxed while creating a variety of different shots for the bride and groom. We also got to ride in the golf buggy down to the fountains at the entrance!

Please check out the photos of the day below and Congratulations again to the new Mr and Mrs Stubbs!

Bridal preparations before Shrigley Hall Wedding Bride to be laughs as make up is applied Bridal make up by Sarah Meredith Bridal Make Up Father of the bride completes his saturday crossword Father of the bride awaits his daughter at the bottom of the stairs Wedding car parked on the drive of brides house Bridal car arrives at Shrigley Hall Hotel Bridal bouquet shot at shrigley hall hotel Groom nervously awaits bride to walk down the isle Bride walks down the isle hand in hand with her father Father kisses his daughters hand as he hands her to the groom at shrigley hall wedding Bride smiles as she sees her groom for the first time Bride and groom during wedding ceremony at shrigley hall Bride becomes emotional as she reads her vows groom laughs during shrigley hall wedding groom wipes a tear from his eye during wedding ceremony Bride smiles and laughs during shrigley hall wedding Bride and groom exchange rings during wedding ceremony Ring exchange at shrigley hall wedding ceremony bride gives groom wedding ring during ceremony Bride and grooms first kiss at shrigley hall Northern String Quartet perform for guests during drinks reception Northern string quartet at shrigley hall hotel Shrigley Hall wedding photography Bridal party at the fountain at shrigley hall Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography Bride and Groom Share a moment during father of the brides speech Father of the bride speaks about his daughter at her wedding Groom stands to give his speech Groom addresses his bride during his wedding speech Best mans speech at shrigley hall Shrigley Hall Wedding Photography by the lake Shrigley Hall wedding photography Groom kisses brides cheek during couples portraits Bride and Groom cut the cake at shrigley hall First dance at shrigley hall hotel Creative sunset photography Dance floor antics at shrigley hall Creative shrigley hall wedding photography

Supplier Shout Out

Videographer – Matt Grainger

DJ – Cheshire Wedding DJ

Hair and Make Up – Sarah Meredith

Dress – Wed2B

Suits – Moss Bros

Wedding Cars – Horgans

Strings – Northern String Quartet

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at Shrigley Hall for looking after Me on the day and for letting Me have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food.

2018 Winter Weddings and 2019 Bookings Now Being Taken

2018 October, November and December have great availability for winter weddings and I have started taking bookings for 2019. Thank you all for keeping me on this awesome path and if you haven’t booked yet feel free to get in touch!

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Fishermans Retreat Wedding Photography // Claire and Liam

Fishermans Retreat Wedding Photography

First kiss as bride and Groom at the fishermans retreatI love shooting weddings for people I know. It feels to intimate and has a sort of family feel to it which I feel part of. I used to work with the bride, Claire, back in the day and I was so excited about photographing her Fishermans Retreat wedding to her now-husband Liam.

I started my day bright and early with the girls while they got ready. I must say the Bride and bridesmaids all looked stunning. Claire wore white, surprise surprise, while her five bridesmaids were all dressed in pale pastel pink. I liked that all the dresses were all a little bit different from each other but all in the same colours. I would later learn that the colour would match the flowers by Vintage Bowtique perfectly. The ladies sipped Prosecco as they got ready and the room was filed with nervous excitement.

Ramsbottom Weddings

The wedding was at Fisherman’s Retreat in Ramsbottom. This was my second visit to this venue in 2017 and it never fails to amaze me. Placed in the stunning surroundings of the Lancashire countryside the scenery was just breath-taking. Inside, it has such a quintessentially English feel, with low oak beams which made everything feel cosy and intimate. I must say, the room looked stunning all done up in flowers and bows, and after spending the morning with the ladies, as I shot the guests walking in I couldn’t wait to see it finished off when the wedding party finally arrived. The ceremony kicked off at about 1pm, and as always was just beautiful. You’d think I would become desensitised to wedding ceremonies… I’m not. It is always such a happy moment which I am honoured to be part of to make it that much more special by immortalising it for the happy couple with my snaps at their Fishermans Retreat Wedding.

After the ceremony the day guests sat down to eat together and were later joined by another 40 guests for the evenings festivities. The atmosphere felt so amazing and it was almost impossible to shoot a single face that wasn’t smiling. I’m sure the guys doing video from Brighthand productions will agree with me. Mr & Mrs had their first dance to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran and while everyone stood round and watched, it was a stark reminder of why I love this job.

I think a highlight for me would have to be having the opportunity to shoot the wedding portraits in the Whiskey Room. I am told that this hasn’t been done before, so it was a real treat and they are definitely my favourite set of photographs from the day.

Claire and Liam, it was an absolute pleasure to shoot your special day and I hope my photographs show this as much as possible.


Bride has her hair done in a salon bride and bridal party in a salon before the wedding Bride smiles as she has her hair done on the morning of her wedding Bridal make up on the morning of the wedding Bridal make up Beautiful bridal make up Bride in her dress at the fishermans retreat wedding dress being fastened by bridesmaids groom arrives at the venue Groom checks his watch at Ramsbottom wedding Groom checks his watch as he waits for his bride at The Fishermans Retreat Bride arrives under an umbrella at the fishermans retreat Groom Shakes hands with mother of the bride mother of the bride offers daughters hand to groomBride wipes a tear from her eye during wedding ceremony bride and groom during wedding ceremony at the fishermans retreat Groom wipes a tear from his eye during ramsbottom wedding Bride and Groom exchange rings at fishermans retreat wedding Bride and Groom smile during wedding ceremony in Ramsbottom Groom gives bride wedding ring Exchange of wedding rings Bride and Groom kiss as newly weds Bride and Groom sign the register Amazing award winning bridal portrait at the fishermans retreat bride and groom at the fishermans retreat Bride looks at her new husband as he gives a speech Best man gives a speech at fishermans retreat Bride and Groom in the Whiskey Room Creative portrait of the bride and groom in the whiskey room Bridal portraits at the fishermans retreat First Dance at the fishermans retreat in Ramsbottom Bride and Groom kiss amongst the fireworks

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at The Fishermans Retreat for looking after Me on the day and for letting Me have free reign around the venue for photos, especially with the access to the whiskey room! Also thank you to the catering team for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food.

2018 Winter Weddings and 2019 Bookings Now Being Taken

2018 is pretty much booked for summer but October, November and December have great availability for winter weddings and I have started taking bookings for 2019. Thank you all for keeping me on this awesome path and if you haven’t booked yet feel free to get in touch!

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King Street Townhouse Wedding // Lu and Chris

King Street Townhouse Wedding // Lu and Chris

married couple stand on the roof of king street townhouseWhen I first met up with Lu and Chris and they told me their story I totally fell in love with these guys as a couple. They told me about the cool ideas for the wedding, the Game of Thrones theme and then the venue! It has long been on my list to photograph an awesome King Street Townhouse Wedding and then up pop Lu and Chris.

Tattoos and Total Geek Outs

So Lu and Chris won’t mind me telling you that they are self confessed geeks but I love that. When we met we chatted all about Star Wars, Tattoos, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and most importantly, the show that forged the relationship between this stunning couple, Game Of Thrones! After meeting at a friends house party back in 2008 neither of the pair thought anything of it but 5 years later meeting again via facebook and chatting over a mutual love of Game Of Thrones is what kickstarted the relationship so it would have been rude not to have this theme running through the wedding which can be seen from details down to table names and bottles of “wildfire” as favours.

When it came to tattoos Lu was very much all about having these on display on the wedding day and you can see how incredibly stunning she looked in her dress. Chris however was in the process of having laser removal for a tattoo on his hand which I was told was a Vegas Special. From what I am told Lu and Chris and a few friends all got matching tattoos out in Vegas and even under the advice of his wife to be to not tattoo his hand he went for it!

Portraits and Party Time for a King Street Townhouse Wedding

From arriving in the morning and spending time with Lu and her girls I knew that the cold January wouldn’t be an issue for getting these guys outside for some cool (in every sense of the word) portraits. We managed to get out on the roof which gives perfect views across Manchester City Centre, one of the main reasons to have a King Street Townhouse Wedding. Later in the evening before the party really started we managed to head out into the city for more shots and the cold didn’t stop these two.

The evening party was brought in by good friend and awesome DJ Tom Hardwick. With Lu and Chris being self confessed metal heads (even Chris’ mum was asking for slayer) Tom was the clear choice. Not only does he know his stuff when it comes to keeping a dance floor packed when you ask him to spin headbanging metal tunes it will be one hell of a party, and from what I hear later in the night Lu slipped on her dress and while trying to save her prosecco managed to cut her hand creating what she affectionately calls her wedding battle scar. Total Rock and Roll wedding story right there!

Battle scars aside Lu and Chris were the perfect couple to work with in the cold January and I am sure they as much fun as I did while shooting this awesome King Street Townhouse Wedding. Congratulations guys and all the best!

bridesmaid pours champagne Bridal preparations at King Street Townhouse Wedding bride has her hair done at King Street Townhouse Manchester Bride receives her bouquet from Northern Flower Manchester Groom portrait outside King Street Townhouse Manchester Game Of Thrones Cake and Cake Topper Game Of Thrones Wedding Table Plan Brides reflection in mirror Bridal makeup at Manchester Wedding Bridal makeup at King Street Townhouse wedding Bridal make up Bride has lip liner applied bridesmaids lace up wedding dress wedding dress being laced up by bridesmaids bride watches as her bridesmaids lace up her wedding dress brides father walks her down the isle at king street town house bride and groom during ceremony at manchester wedding bride smiles and laughs during wedding ceremony Bride and groom at King street townhouse exchange of rings during king street townhouse ceremony bride and groom share a moment during wedding ceremony ring exchange during king street townhouse wedding tattooed bride and bouquet bride and groom kiss outside king street townhouse Manchester bridal portrait bride and groom portraits on the streets of manchester Bride and Groom on the roof of King Street Townhouse Winter wedding portraits on the roof of Manchesters King Street Townhouse Father of the bride gives a speech Father of the brides speech Bride and father share a moment during speeches groom gives a speech at Manchester Wedding Bride laughs at grooms speech grooms speech at king street townhouse Grooms sister gives a speech at Manchester wedding Winter wedding portraits on the streets of manchester Winter wedding portraits in Manchester Bride and Groom share a kiss in Manchester Manchester wedding photography Bride and Groom cut into game of thrones wedding cake First dance at king street town house wedding First dance at Manchester Winter Wedding bridesmaid lets loose on the dancefloor dancefloor party at Winter wedding bride and bridesmaids do shots at winter wedding


The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding // Rae and Adam

The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding // Rae and Adam

Bride and Groom share a moment in front of The Oak Tree Of PeoverWhen I first met Adam and Rae I knew instantly that this would be a super cool, laid back and fun Oak Tree Of Peover wedding and it didn’t disappoint. Setting the date for Friday the 13th for most couples would be a complete no go but for Rae and Adam it just added to the unconventional elements of the wedding.

As mentioned, yes, these guys tied the knot on Friday the 13th. So hoping nothing could go wrong the day started with the bride and her bridesmaids arriving on a mini bus to get ready at The Oak Tree Of Peover. Upon arrival all was well up until the bride received a text message showing how one of the mini bus doors had fallen off. Yep IT FELL OFF! This was just the start of things that could potentially cause a problem as Rae informed me her dad was in hospital with broken ribs and a possible collapsed lung and may not make it to the Oak Tree Of Peover wedding!

Friday the 13th and The Suspense

Ceremony time rolls around and Adam nervously awaits his school sweetheart underneath an archway he hand made from copper pipe which was just one part of the details that the couple had made themselves. It wasn’t always that way though as we were all reliably informed during the speeches. Apparently Adam went to prom with another girl but left with Rae so it all worked out in the end.

Back to Adam waiting patiently and still unsure if Rae’s dad would be making it to the wedding and with 3 minutes to the ceremony he strolls in to the bridal prep room to give his daughter the biggest hug and to wish her luck before he takes his seat. Thats right he took his seat as another part of this non traditional day was that Adam was to meet his bride at the top of the isle and they would walk each other down to be married which I thought was such a beautiful touch.

Thunder Storms and Sunny Spells

The forecast had been threatening The Oak Tree of Peover wedding all day with rain and after the week we had with incredible weather it seemed nothing could put a dampener on the day. With glorious sunshine throughout the ceremony and drinks reception giving us plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings that The Oak Tree Of Peover has. The weather didn’t last but if there was a perfect time for rain it hit during the meal then cleared out for the speeches and the reception meaning everyone could enjoy the grounds again.

With the cake cutting and first dance appearing out of nowhere Chicks with Decks brought The Oakree of Peover Wedding fully into the party spirit keeping the dancefloor occupied well into the night.

Check out the pictures below and the links for any suppliers at the bottom!

Beautiful details and centre pieces at The Oak Tree of Peover Bridal preparations at the oak tree of peover Bride has her hair sprayed by hairdresser Bride has flower crown fixed in place for her Oak Tree of Peover wedding Bride applies lipstick in windowlight Bridal portrait in beautiful window light in bridal prep roomBridesmaid wearing waistcoat walks down the isle bridesmaid carrying home made bouquet walks the isle bridesmaid enters at the oak tree bride makes her entrance at the oaktree of peover Groom greets his bride at the top of the isle for the Oak tree of peover wedding Bride and Groom walk down the isle together for the oaktree of peover weddingBride and Groom stand hand in hand under copper pipe arch way Bride and groom have a moment during the oaktree of peover wedding ceremony Bride and Groom stand under copper arch way as bridesmaid gives a reading Bride and Groom smile during ceremony at the oaktree of peover Groom reads his vows to his bride during wedding ceremony Bride reads her vows during wedding ceremony Groom exchanges rings with his bride during knutsford wedding bride gives groom wedding ring in ceremony room at the oak tree of peover Bride and Groom kiss in wedding ceremony in knutsford Groom lifts bride as they kiss and a pronounced man and wifeBride and groom walk arm in arm through confetti Bride and Groom laugh and smile as they walk through confetti Bride and Groom and bridal party stand in front of the oak tree of peover beautiful details and gin bottle centrepieces used in rustic DIY upcycled wedding Wedding breakfast room all set up at the oaktree of peover in cheshirebridal portraits in golden fields of wheat groom kissing his bride on the cheek during bridal portraits Bride and Groom walk hand in hand down the drive way of the oaktree of peover Couples portraits over the lake at the oaktree of peover wedding venue in cheshire Bride and Groom shot on the lawns over the lake Father of the bride gives his speech Groom gives a speech at the oaktree of peover wedding Bride laughing in reaction to speeches Maid of Honour address' bride and groom Best man prepares to roast his brother the groom bride laughs as the groom hides his head in his hands Father of the groom brings the speeches to a close bride and groom raise a glass in toastbridal portraits in front of the oaktree of peover best man lights a cigar groomsman lights a cigar outside the venue bride smoking a cigar during drinks reception bride and groom cut the cake before their first dance Bride and groom take to the dance floor for their first dance Bride and groom during their first dance at the oaktree of peover grooms father hugs bride and groom on the dancefloor dancefloor antics at the oaktree of peover crestive portraits at The Oaktree of Peover couple in silhouette in front of the oak tree of peover

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at The Oak Tree of Peover who looked after me on the day, kept me hydrated and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team at Olive Tree Catering for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food, Chicks with Decks for bringing the party and to the team at Flossies for the incredible venue dressing!


2018 Winter Weddings and 2019 & 2020 Bookings Now Being Taken

2018 is pretty much booked for summer but October, November and December have great availability for winter weddings and I have started taking bookings for 2019 and 2020. Thank you all for keeping me on this awesome path and if you haven’t booked yet feel free to get in touch!

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Preston Pre Wedding Shoot // Freya and Ben

Preston Pre Wedding Shoot // Freya and Ben

Engaged couple laugh and joke with each other during pre wedding shootRecently I headed out for a Preston Pre wedding shoot with Freya and Ben ahead of their Bartle Hall wedding. We met up at Freya’s parents house and headed out to the local park where we wandered, took photos and Freya and Ben told me all the stories of how they met and what brought them together.

Preston Pre Wedding Shoot

As we walked and talked we inevitably talked about plans for the wedding and honeymoon. With a church service followed by the reception at Bartle Hall it is set to be an incredible day and party. Names such as Red Floral Architecture and Six15 Events were dropped into conversation which got me even more excited for this amazing couples wedding.

School Yard Sweethearts

Being such a young couple but clearly totally besotted with each other Ben told me about how him and Freya met at school where he tried everything he could to impress Freya and eventually it worked. Having been together since school and barely leaving each others side with Freya’s parents inviting Ben to move in with them when he and Freya set up their greengrocers business the next step was Ben popping the question.

Check out the images from the Preston Pre wedding shoot below and keep an eye on the blog for the wedding later in the year!

Engaged couple stand in field of daffodils Preston Pre Wedding Shoot Preston couple share a kiss under an archway Couple share a moment on preston pre wedding shoot Couple holding hands share a giggle during the pre wedding shoot Bartle Hall wedding photographer preston couple on pre wedding shoot Preston wedding photography Couple share a kiss during engagement shoot young couple embrace during preston pre wedding shoot Couple silhouette through the trees

Formby Beach Shoot

Formby Beach Shoot With Rebecca Sanders

Model stands on Formby beach at sunsetLast week I decided I should take advantage of the amazing weather we were having and get out in the sun and head to Formby Beach toshoot. As much as I love my couples and shooting weddings I also wanted to shoot something different and have the freedom to just shoot for me.

Rebecca had previously modelled for me on a bridal shoot before and as we had worked together and got on so well I thought I should get back in touch. Having taken 12 months out from modelling to finish her degree (she got a 2:1 YAY!) when I asked she was well up for getting back in front of the camera and starting to rebuild her portfolio.

No Pressure, Just shooting

After throwing around a few ideas and seeing some other people had been saying how good Formby beach had been recently we decided this would be worth a visit. When we arrived we got parked up and headed off into the woods first then down to the dunes. It was great to just take it easy, chat and catch up and shoot with no pressure.

As I have said before I love working with my couples and shooting weddings but having no set theme and no time pressure or constraints and being free to shoot was pretty fun and something I need to do more of. After the woods we headed into the sand dunes.

I hate the beach but here I stand, In Formby with my toes in the sand

If you can tell me the song I stole the above lyric from and adapted without googling you get a prize! Yeah that’s right I said it,  I’m not a massive fan of the beach, the sand, it just gets everywhere but this was well worth it for the shots. The dunes were great fun to shoot in and later in the evening we met up with friend and fellow wedding photographer Andrew Keher for some sunset shots with a bit of creative lighting!

I really hope you enjoy the shots as much as Rebecca and I did creating them!

Model portrait at Formby beach Formby beach portrait Model portrait photography model sits in the sun against a tree at formby Manchester Portrait Photography Model portrait photography at Formby Beach Modelling in the sand dunes Model sweeps her hair back in the Formby sand dunes Model teases her hair in the sand dunes at Formby Model at sunset on Formby beach Model on Formby Beach at sunset Portrait photography at Formby beach

Never Stop Learning – Eaves Hall Photography Workshop

Bridal couple at eaves hall shot with off camera flashPhotography Workshops – Never Stop Learning

Towards the start of the year I was lucky enough to attend a photography workshop run by the super talented Neil Redfern at Eaves Hall. I have done a few workshops over the past fer years and there is always something new to learn, skills to enhance or even just to solidify existing knowledge. I am a massive advocate of pushing yourself and always wanting to better yourself which was why I chose to attend the workshop run by Neil.

Creative Portraits and Lighting

The main reason I wanted to attend Neil’s workshop is because in the wedding industry he is well known for his creative portraits and lighting techniques, something I have been using but wanted to get better at and where better to go than Eaves Hall for a workshop with a master of creative lighting. I cannot recommend Neil highly enough as a tutor for the creative work as he simplifies everything and makes understanding it all so easy.

Eaves Hall at Night

Another reason for attending the workshop was the venue. In the heart of The Ribble Valley in Clitheroe Eaves Hall is an amazing wedding venue which I will take any opportunity to revisit. Such a beautiful place which was the perfect setting for the workshop with loads of cool spaces to be creative and create beautiful images.


Massive thanks to Neil Redfern for teaching us all some awesome tips and tricks!


Bridal couple int the snooker room at Eaves hall Creative portrait in the snooker room at eaves hall Eaves Hall creative portrait Creative Eaves Hall Wedding Portrait Eaves Hall mirror reflection Bridal portraits outside Eaves Hall Magmod creative lighting Creative eaves hall portrait made using lighting modifiers Silhouette of wedding couple at eaves hall Eaves hall at night Creative bridal portrait at eaves hall

Like what you see and want something like this on your wedding day? GET IN TOUCH!

Ramsbottom Wedding Photography, A Christmas Wedding // Danny and Lauren

Ramsbottom Wedding Photography

Sometimes taking a wedding booking so close to Christmas is a difficult decision to make but when your friend of over 10 years asks you to be the person to shoot the wedding its a no brainer. Getting to do the Ramsbottom Wedding Photography for a close friend is an honour and one not to be taken lightly.

Christmas Winter Wedding In Ramsbottom

Danny and Lauren chose to get married just 3 days before Christmas. What a way to start the festive period than with gathering family and friends to celebrate with you while you marry your best friend. The celebrations started early in the morning with Lauren and her sisters and bridesmaids at home with bubbles flowing while they did hair and make up. This was followed by a beautiful and personal service at greenmount church culminating in mince pies and mulled wine rather than traditional canapes.

Photobombed By Father Christmas

Ramsbottom is a truly beautiful little town and getting to take advantage of this for portraits was such great fun. After the ceremony we took a short ride down to the train station before heading up to the civic hall  for speeches, wedding breakfast and to party in to the early hours. During the portrait session we were lucky enough to get a surprise visit from the Santa Express and a cheeky wave from the man himself. The civic hall was the setting for the rest of the day with speeches followed by fantastic food. Lauren’s dad started the speeches with a few embarrassing stories however it was Danny’s best man Ste with the full on character assassination that everyone in fits of laughter.

With this being a December wedding the light faded fast into the night which gave me some great time to create some unique and creative portraits which you can see in the gallery below.

Congratulations again to Danny and Lauren and thank you for having me there to capture your special day!

Bride applies make up before Ramsbottom Wedding Bride applies eye liner Bride sips champagne on her wedding morning Engagement ring worn by nervous bride Black and white shot of bride having her hair done for her wedding Ramsbottom Wedding bride has her dress fastened by bridesmaids Groom waits for his bride in church Groom waits nervously at church Brides dad helps her out of car as she arrives at church Bride arrives at church for ramsbottom wedding Groom and best man await the brides arival Best man helps calm the nerves of the groom at ramsbottom wedding Bride arrives at church for ramsbottom wedding Groom sees his bride for the first time at ramsbottom wedding Bride and groom during church ceremony at Ramsbottom wedding Bride and Groom exchange rings during church ceremony First kiss during church wedding in Ramsbottom Ramsbottom wedding photography Church service for bride and groom in Ramsbottom father Christmas photobombs newly married couple Ramsbottom steam rail wedding photography Ramsbottom wedding photography Ramsbottom wedding photography Wedding couple stand on steam rail platform Wedding couple on steam railway for Ramsbottom wedding photography Wedding photography taken at Ramsbottom train station Couple stand cool under victorian street lamp for wedding portraits Father of the bride gives a speech at Ramsbottom Civic Hall Father of the bride speaks at Ramsbottom wedding Groom reacts to speeches at ramsbottom wedding Bride reacts to speeches at ramsbottom wedding Grooms speech at Ramsbottom civic hall Best man speaks at ramsbottom wedding Groom reacts to best mans speech Cake cutting at ramsbottom wedding Cutting the cake at ramsbottom wedding Couple enjoy first dance at Ramsbottom wedding Creative ramsbottom wedding photography


Scarborough Tipi Wedding // Angela and JP

Scarborough Tipi Wedding

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of heading up the coast to Scarborough to shoot the celebration and wedding of Angela and JP at the wonderful and beautiful Minnehaha Events. This wedding was a little different to the norm as Angela and JP have actually been married since August 2017. With Angela being from America and JP from England things were done a little differently for this Scarborough Tipi Wedding.

Back in August JP and Angela had a small and intimate USA courthouse ceremony but then also decided to have a full wedding celebration back in England choosing Scarborough as the location. It was a beautiful sunny day which meant the whole ceremony could be held outside.

On the morning of the wedding day Angela and her girls and JP and the boys all got ready at Wrea Head Hall inthe little town of Scalby. There were a few sore heads from the boys from a night in the pub but from what I hear this was solved with a shot of brandy (shots would inevitably become the theme for the day).

Outdoor Ceremony, Drinks and Games

After the preparations at Wrea Head Hall the bridal party headed straight to the meadows for the ceremony which was conducted by a close friend of the couple. It was such a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family gathering on picnic blankets and chairs to sit and watch Angela and JP exchange the vows they had written for each other. It was such a beautiful way to start the celebrations.

After the ceremony it was down to the tipi for drinks and lawn games. Almost being taken out by flying beanbags and strung together golf balls there was alot going on to keep everyone entertained and I learnt how competitive people can be at a wedding.

Shots Shots Shots

It was becoming a recurring theme that shots formed a large part of the day and the bond between friends and family. Just before the speeches there were bottles of Soju, a Korean spirit I am reliably informed tastes delicious however from the faces being pulled as it was drank I can’t be sure this is true. There were also tequila shots served as a measure to calm the nerves.

With beautiful speeches from Angela’s father, her sister Alyssa and a lovely speech from JP it was on to the best man. Now normally a best man will tear the groom apart but on this occasion it seemed he was going down along with the groom as every story managed to implicate himself too, however this had the entire tipi in stitches.

Later in the evening the party was kicked off by The Hot Foot Powder band playing floor filling tunes that even made on guest go full Mick Jagger!


Check out the images below for a look at how the day unfolded. Congratulations again to Angela and JP and thank you to their friends and family for making me feel so welcome, especially to the guys who wouldn’t stop buying me Jager bombs once I had clocked off!


Bridal makeup taking place at wrea head hall Bridal reflection in mirror bride has fixing spray applied for final make up touches Bridal portrait at wrea head hall Groom prep at wrea head hall groom fixes his tie before scarborough wedding Best man and groom get ready for scarborough tipi wedding groom waits for his bride Groom awaits his bride at minnehaha events Bride arrives with her father Outdoor ceremony at Scarborough Tipi Wedding groom reads his vows in an outdoor wedding ceremony Bride reads vows in an outdoor wedding ceremony Bride and groom exchange rings Exchange of rings at Tipi Wedding Ring Exchange at outdoor wedding Outdoor wedding ceremony at Scarborough Tipi Wedding Bride and groom share a kiss at Scarborough wedding Guests play lawn games at scarborough wedding Lawn games at minnehaha events Scarborough Scarborough wedding photography at minnehaha events Wedding couple portraits in buttercup meadows married couple share a giggle at minnehaha tipi and events Couple share a kiss against the barn in Scarborough Scarborough wedding photography at minnehaha events Married couple walk towards the tipi in scarborough married couple make their entrance to the Tipi in Scarborough Shots before speeches at Tipi wedding Father Of The Bride gives a speech Scarborough Tipi Wedding Groom gives a speech in a tipi wedding Best mans speech at Scarborough Tipi Wedding Grooms reaction to best mans speech at scarborough wedding Cutting the cake at Scarborough tipi wedding Bride and Groom embrace by a caravan at Scarborough wedding First dance at tipi wedding Bride and Groom dance at tipi wedding Father Daughter dance at tipi wedding Bride appears between two best friends guests on the dance floor imitate mick jagger creative couples portrait in the bar at minnehaha events

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at Minnehaha Events who looked after me on the day, kept me hydrated and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food.

Supplier Role Call

Venue – Minnehaha Events

Dress – Carries Bridal

Shoes – Chuck Taylor Converse

Hair – Sparrow Hair and Beauty

Flowers – Louise Florist

Cake – Cotton House Cakes

Cheese Cake – Courtyard Dairy

Band – Hot Foot Powder