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The Role Of A Wedding Toast Master

Why should you hire a Toastmaster for your wedding?

Picture a Toastmaster, I bet you’re thinking of a more elderly gent, clad all in red and barking orders at your guests. I used to think exactly the same until I met Stefan, The Tall Toastmaster. Once I’d worked alongside him I was happy to admit that I’d been wrong to tarnish him with that tag and he was a joy to spend the day with. Plus he made a huge difference to how the wedding ran, meaning my couple could relax and enjoy their day.

I sat down with Stefan and we chatted about what he brings to a wedding and why you should think about booking a Toastmaster for your day.

Wedding Toastmaster at Pryors Hayes in Cheshire


Stefan! Thanks for your time, now for those who don’t know tell my readers what the role of a Toastmaster is on a wedding day.

I like to think of myself as a calming influence on the day. My primary role is to look after the couple and their guests, liaising with suppliers and the venue and ensuring that, as much as possible, everything runs smoothly and on time.

I’m basically a safe pair of hands, dealing with anything and everything that crops up.

When do you start working with the couple?

Before we’ve even got to the wedding I’ll have helped the couple out with their plans and timings for the day. I know from my own wedding that the more planning a wedding has the more relaxed things are on the day. Knowing that all the finer details are being taken care of in the background means that the couple enjoy their day without any worries.

Beeston Manor Wedding Toastmaster Stefan The Tall Toastmaster

How does a more typical wedding day pan out?

I’m not sure there is such a thing as a typical wedding day, as you’ve experienced Nik! However there are a few things that tend to be the same regardless of anything else that crops up.

I’ll arrive at the venue ahead of the ceremony. That means I can build a nice rapport with the staff. I’ll go through timings with whoever is co-ordinating the day and the photographer/videographer. It always helps when we’re all on the same page!

Once the registrars arrive I’ll introduce myself and see if there’s anything they would like me to do during the ceremony. I’m a dab hand at button holes, ties and hankies so I’ll give the ushers a hand with those (always happens!) and I’ll also talk through their role for the day and run through the ceremony seating plan.

Once the ceremony is over I’ll make sure that the arrival drinks are all ready for the couple and guide the guests to their drinks/wherever the photographer would like them. I’ll assist the photographer with any family group shots and annouce the confetti photo and/or large group photograph.

If canapes have been ordered I’ll make sure that the venue have set aside a plate just for the couple (you’d be surprised how rarely this happens and the poor couple miss out!) and I always make sure the couple have a drink to hand. I’m then there to answer any questions the guests may have.

Photo By Chris Chambers Photography

Toastmaster assists with grooms buttonhole

This all sounds great, and as a photographer it’s always nice to have a helping hand with group shots! So, I’m guessing the next portion of the day – the wedding breakfast and speeches – is where you really come into your own?

It is indeed! I’ll arrange the receiving line if they’re having one and then once everyone is seated I’ll announce the couple in.

At this point I’ll then tell everyone all about ‘the bell’. I let the couple know they can ring the bell at any point if they need me or they want a top up! It always gets a laugh and guests love it.

When it’s time for the speeches I’ll check the order of the speakers and introduce each one. I always encourage guests to make a lot of noise and cheer each speaker on. It can be daunting so all cheers and applause are encouraged!

My next big role in the proceedings is the evening reception and first dance. I make sure that guests know where they need to be and when, calling them back into the main room when everything is ready. I’ll organise the cake cutting if it’s happening at this point in the evening and make sure the DJ knows when to announce the couple before they go into their first dance and kick off the party.

Toastmaster announces bride and groom into wedding breakfast

Photo By Key Reflections

Photo By Key Reflections

If you want to know more about Stefan and how he can be a part of your wedding head over to his website and drop him a message

Pryors Hayes Summer Wedding // Kia and Charlotte

Pryors Hayes Wedding Photography

Pryors Hayes wedding Photography

This wedding was a first for me, I’ve never shot a wedding before where the whole day was a bit of a surprise for the bride and groom! Charlotte and Kia knew when they were getting married, they knew where they were getting married but other than that nearly everything else was a surprise! Charlotte’s Mum had stepped into help the couple out with planning and they’d given her free reign along with her taking it upon herself to book a few surprises. From singing waiters to magicians and confetti canons on the dancefloor the day was exactly how Charlotte and Kia had imagined it.

Mercure Hotel Chester, bridal prep

I joined the girls at the lovely Mercure Hotel just outside Chester. Charlotte’s eight bridesmaids had made her a brilliant scrap book of all their adventures and hen do. There was a lot of giggles as they looked through it and reminisced together.

As the girls were drinking fizz and chatting about days gone by the boys arrived at Pryors Hayes to put some finishing touches to the decorations. Kia had been given a list and he dutifully worked his way through it! I’m a big fan of the ‘love story’ timeline he had put together using loads of photos from when they met at uni right up to their wedding day.

 Pryors Hayes Weddings and Events Bridal make up Bridesmaids wait while bride has make up applied Bridal make up inspiration Bridal preparations for Pryors Hayes wedding bridesmaids during the morning prep busy bridal prep mornings bridesmaids pour champagne during bridal prep bridal bouquet inspiration Groom preparations at Pryors Hayes Groom and Groomsmen get ready at pryors hayes Groom and groomsmen in changing rooms at pryors hayes Groom puts on braces for pryors hayes wedding Groom puts on tie ahead of wedding Groom and groomsmen fix their ties before wedding ceremony First look for father of the bride Bridal reveal to brides maids

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony

One of my favourite things about Pryors Hayes are the beautiful grounds and Kia and Charlotte were able to make the most of them with their outdoor ceremony. It was such a great atmosphere, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the string quartet sounded amazing. The guests were loving the weather and chatted away as everyone gathered on the lawn to greet the newly weds and shower them in (a lot!) of confetti!

As everyone enjoyed their canapes and drinks I took Charlotte and Kia away for a bit of a breather, and some portraits. These two are utterly gorgeous and so relaxed with each other, they hardly needed any direction from me! I just stood them in the good light and let them do their thing!

groom greats guests at pryors hayes Groom awaits his bride for outdoor ceremony at Pryors Hayes Groomsmen wait the ceremony at pryors hayes Bride is escorted by dad for outdoor summer ceremony Outdoor wedding ceremony at pryors hayes Exchange of rings at outdoor summer ceremony Bride and groom exchange rings during outdoor summer ceremony first kiss as husband and wife at outdoor ceremony Children playing at outdoor wedding wedding guests at outdoor wedding ceremony bride and groom exit outdoor wedding ceremony Bride reflected in guests sun glasses Epic confetti shot at pryors hayes Couples portraits at Pryors hayes Weddings and Events Couples portraits at pryors hayes Pryors Hayes venue dressing inspiration Father of the brides speech Bride looks on as her dad gives a speech Father of the bride speech at pryors hayes Bride laughs at fathers speech at pryors hayes wedding venue grooms speech at pryors hayes Best man addresses guests during wedding breakfast bride and groom react to best mans speech

Fun wedding party!

These guys know how to throw a party! They kicked off the shenanigans during the speeches when the singing waiters got everyone up dancing and singing and from there the party didn’t stop! Charlotte was determined to dance the night away so she’d chosen a second wedding dress to change into – one that made dancing a lot easier! Whilst she was getting changed the guests were entertained by a fantastic close up magician before everyone hit the dancefloor and the fab The Chosen Few kept everyone dancing.

Singing waiters surprise wedding guests at pryors hayes Singing waiters entertain wedding guests wedding magician entertaining wedding guests Wedding sunsets at Pryors Hayes stunning first dance inspiration First dance confetti canons guests start the wedding party Wedding dance floor filled by amazing wedding band Wedding band The Chosen Few start the party Ending the wedding celebrations with fireworks

Getting married at Pryors Hayes?

Getting married at pryors hayes and want to talk more? Get in touch and drop me an email!

Blackpool Engagement Shoot // Fran and Sandra

Blackpool Engagement Shoot

Same sex couple walk along blackpool beachWhen you think of Blackpool what do you think of? The Big One, The Pleasure Beach, tacky Kiss Me Quick Hats, The Illuminations, Arcades? Yep me too! Maybe you don’t initially think of the perfect place for an engagement shoot. I did and Fran and Sandra were totally with me. Like Me and like Blackpool, Fran and Sandra don’t take themselves to seriously and are up for a good laugh and were happy to run with any of my suggestions.

Walks on the beach and chips by the sea

We met up on a Friday evening by one of Blackpool’s largest arcades, Coral Island. From here we took a wander along the beach and got some shots under one of Blackpool’s three Piers. After dirtying up our shoes in the wet sand we took a walk along the front and grabbed some chips, it’s a tradition when by the sea! Making our way down the comedy carpet in front of the tower, home to the world famous Blackpool Ballroom and then heading into a few arcades.

Unusual locations for engagement shoots

After exhausting all the standard locations we took a walk through some closed down areas on a few back streets of Blackpool where Fran and Sandra trusted me when I suggested some slightly unusual spots but I am sure you will agree they totally worked!

I really can’t wait to catch up with Fran and Sandra again and I am sure there will be lots of fun and laughter when we take on their wedding at Eaves Hall later in the year!

Pre wedding shoot under central pier Couple reflected in standing water on Blackpool Beach Couple and daughter enjoy arcades on the pier Blackpool arcades and couples photos Blackpool pre wedding shoot Couple kiss in front of Blackpool Tower Same sex couple in front of Blackpool tower Couple piggy back along Blackpool beach Blackpool pre wedding shoot Couple kiss on central pier during pre wedding shoot Blackpool Engagement Shoot Golden hour at closed markets in blackpool

Why should you book a pre wedding shoot?

A few reasons why you should have a pre-wedding shoot

I’m going to lay my cards on the table straight away – I LOVE pre-wedding shoots so I’ll always recommend one. Do you need one? No, of course not, no one ever needs a photoshoot, but there are loads of advantages to having one. Here are just a few…

Get used to being in front of the camera

A biggie to start off with! We live in an age of selfies yet the thought of having a photo taken still fills many of us with fear! A pre-wedding shoot is a great chance for you both to get in front of my camera and see that the whole experience isn’t scary at all and in fact is a lot of fun. I work really hard to make sure you’re both comfortable and we just have a good laugh together.

Couple Laugh During Pre Wedding Shoot Bride and Groom Giggle During Pre Wedding Shoot Northern Quarter Pre Wedding Inspiration

Get some creative portraits

So we all take loads of selfies and we have a camera with us everywhere we go but we never have great, creative photos taken together. I know my wife and I are guilty of that too but I am slowly changing this and taking my own advice. Having a pre-wedding shoot is the perfect time to experiment and get creative. We have more time together than we would on a wedding day and we can relax and really enjoy catching up with each other and trying out lots of cool photography tricks.

Add a nice touch to the wedding day

Lots of my couples use their pre-wedding shoot photographs to add even more personalisation to their day. You could make a guest book up of your images, or have one framed and ask all your guests to sign the mount. These always look great when they’re up on the wall. I’ve also known couples to use their portraits on their table plan.

Pre Wedding Inspiration Winter Manchester Engagement Shoot Silhouette  pre wedding shoot Creative Pre Wedding in Manchesters Northern Quarter

Chance to meet up before the big day

Having a pre-wedding shoot is a brilliant excuse for the three of us to meet up before your big day. We can have a catch up about your plans, grab a coffee/beer/food together as well as take some great photos. I love getting to know my couples and the more time we can spend together the better as far as I’m concerned!

If this post has been enough to convince you to have a pre-wedding shoot then lets get it booked in! So many of my couples pick somewhere that’s special to them to have the shoot. That could be a walk you go on together, or where you got engaged (I won’t complain if you want to fly abroad for your shoot, haha!) Alternatively we can choose somewhere together. I know loads of fantastic locations around the North West. One of my favourites is Rivington. I grew up there so I know the area really well plus there’s a great cafe for lunch and a catch up after our shoot! Dovestones Reservoir is another beautiful area and perfect for exploring together.

If you’re after a more urban vibe then you can’t beat Manchester city centre. I’ve travelled loads but Manchester has got a special place in my heart. The Northern Quarter is uber cool and I love the street art. Castlefield always looks great, the canals and industrial look appeals to lots of couples.

Wherever you decide for your shoot one thing is guaranteed. It’ll be fun and we’ll laugh a lot. You’ll also get a gallery of fantastic photos of the two of you. What more could you ask for?!

Couple kiss in streets of manchester Pre Wedding Photography in Manchester Country Park Pre Wedding Shoot Urban Pre Wedding Photography Beautiful Same Sex Pre Wedding Shoot Dovestones Reservoir Engagement Shoot Fletcher Moss Park Pre Wedding Photography Preston engagement shoot Ramsbottom Pre Wedding Photography Didsbury Pre Wedding Photography City Centre Engagement Photography Blackpool pre wedding shoot Rivington Engagement Photography Rivington Pre Wedding Shoot Blackpool Engagement Shoot Fletcher Moss Park Pre Wedding Photography Same Sex Blackpool Pre Wedding Photography


Holmes Mill Wedding Photography // Anne and John

Wedding portraits at the spinning block in Clitheroe

Holmes Mill Wedding Photography

Anne and John! These guys are such a brilliant couple and they chose an amazing venue to get married in. I was so pleased when they booked me to photograph their Holmes Mill wedding, I knew without a doubt that it was going to be a lot of fun!

Previously an old mill (obviously!) in the centre of Clitheroe Holmes Mill has been transformed over the last couple of years. The site now has a brewery (I can confirm that the ale is excellent), a farm shop and hotel. Weddings take place above the brewery in a brilliant open plan, blank canvas space. Couples really put their own stamp on it and Anne and John were no exception.

DIY wedding space

The high ceilings and huge windows at Holmes Mill mean it’s a real pleasure to shoot in. Strings of lights cover the space and Anne and John had filled it with foliage, vases of flowers and candles. The ceremony itself was beautiful, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when Anne’s daughters walked down the aisle ahead of their mother who was escorted in by her proud brother.

It was a real family affair as John’s son was Best Man alongside one of John’s oldest friends. He gave a heartwarming speech later on in the day welcoming Anne into the family, everyone needed tissues again at that point too! I’m a sucker for a good speech and he really delivered.

Holmes Mill and Bowland Brewery Bridal Prep at the spinning block hotel bridesmaid has make up applied for Clitheroe wedding Bride takes a moment to relax before her holmes mill wedding Holmes mill bridal preparations Bride gets emotional before her wedding Bride and daughter share a moment during bridal prep Lace wedding dress hangs during bridal prep Bride sits to have wedding make up Bridal make up inspiration Bride makes her way to Holmes Mill Wedding Bride and bridesmaids walk through holmes mill Groom at the bar in the beer hall at Holmes Mill Groom drinking Bowland Beer Groom awaiting his bride in the ceremony room at Holmes Mill Bride walked down the isle by her brother who wears family tartan Bride and Groom during ceremony at Holmes Mill Wedding Ceremony at Holmes MillHolmes Mill Wedding Photography Holmes Mill Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ring Exchange at Holmes Mill Bride and Groom exchange wedding rings during ceremony at holmes mill

Relaxed and natural wedding portraits

While acoustic band, Good Foxy entertained everyone in the Engine Room I ventured out to explore the Mill with Anne and John. They were keen to have some relaxed, fun and natural portraits together and I was more than happy to oblige! Holmes Mill is a great place for photos, there are so many nooks and crannies to explore and the mill itself makes for a fantastic backdrop. If you’re planning a Holmes Mill wedding I’d love to chat to you about your ideas and plans. Get in touch!

Good Foxy entertaining guests in the engine rooms at holmes mill Good Foxy at Holmes Mill Engine Rooms Drinks reception in the engine rooms at holmes mill Page boy playing on phone during wedding Creative wedding portraits at holmes mill Exploring the holmes mill complex Brides brother starts of the wedding speeches bride and groom laugh during speeches bride reacts to brothers speech Speeches at holmes mill weddinggrooms speech at Holmes Mill Wedding Holmes Mill Wedding Best mans speech at holmes mill Holmes mill wedding speeches Emotional hug between groom and best man Grooms son says a few words at dads wedding Son hugs dad while bride sheds a tear First dance by decks and decor at holmes mill Bride and Groom enjoy first dance Holmes Mill wedding guests on the dance floor Holmes Mill Creative Wedding Portraits

Photography education

I’ve recently started to offer photography mentoring and as part of his experience the brilliant Adam Grills shadowed me at Anne and John’s wedding. Coming along to a real wedding day with me is invaluable if you’re looking to learn more about becoming a wedding photographer. You’ll get to see how I work on the day as well as taking your own photos to build up a portfolio of work. I’ll be officially launching my 1 on 1 mentoring days soon but get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more.

Wellbeing Farm Wedding Photography // Ashleigh and Kayleigh

Wellbeing Farm Wedding Photography

Wellbeing Farm Wedding Photography

Guys, grab a brew. This is a long post but so worth it. WHAT A DAY!

This was the first time I’d photographed a Wellbeing Farm wedding and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it. It’s a whole lot of fun and completely and utterly unique. I don’t know any other wedding venue where donkey and llamas mingle with the guests! Inside the barn it’s charmingly rustic with a quirky edge. I love the canopy ceiling made from parachutes which is covered in fairy lights. Kayleigh and Ashleigh had added bunting and bright ribbons as well as colourful flowers. The effect was incredible and just what I’d imagined when they described their plans to me.

I started the day with Ashleigh at Baron’s Farm, the Wellbeing Farm’s wedding accommodation. It’s a homely, traditional country cottage with plenty of room for a bridal party to get ready in. It was such a calm atmosphere, everyone was chatting about the day ahead and Ashleigh was loving being completely and utterly pampered by her cousin who did her hair and Alex Kate on makeup duties. Even the bride can’t relax all morning though, she was soon roped in to make sure her Dad’s bowtie was on properly and help her brothers with their buttonholes.

Kayleigh got ready at her family home where Zoe, my fab second shooter, joined her. I love the photo of all Kayleigh’s family seeing her in her dress for the first time, it looks like such an emotional moment.

Bride looks at her colourful bouquet Bride has make up applied Bridal prep at the wellbeing farm bridal make up by alex kate make up artist applies bridal lip liner bride has hair done on morning of the wedding father of the bride has tie fixed

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

After some brilliant, ninja style co-ordination by the Wellbeing Farm both Ashleigh and Kayleigh made it to the barn without spotting each other. Phew! Mission accomplished!

Two extremely proud Dads walked their girls down the aisle and there were a few tears of joy and a lot of cheering when they were pronounced Mrs and Mrs! These guys are so flipping brilliant to be around and the room was full of love for them both. It was wonderful to be a part of.

Then it was time to grab some drinks, get a confetti cone out of the Harry Potter box, and pelt the newly weds with some dried petals. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy this moment, you can feel everyone’s excitement as the celebrations really begin.

 Vintage wedding transport inspiration Bride arrives at The Wellbeing Farm Wellbeing farm staff assist with brides dress bride and father walk down the isle at the wellbeing farm bride walks down the isle for same sex wedding bride and dad share a moment bride and father at the wellbeing farm same sex wedding brides with dads looking on during same sex wedding at the wellbeing farm same sex wedding ceremony at the wellbeing farm proud fathers exchange brides hands during wedding ceremony brides giggle during wellbeing farm wedding bride smiles during wedding service brides exchange rings during wellbeing farm wedding brides kiss during same sex wedding service Two brides showered with confetti two dads share a beer after wedding ceremony wedding guests enjoy the summer sun at the wellbeing farm Two brides with one of the donkeys at the wellbeing farm Natural wedding photography at the wellbeing farm wedding guest and llama at the wellbeing farm Llama at the wellbeing farm Harry Potter wedding inspiration Floral bouquet wedding inspiration Same sex wedding photography Wellbeing Farm same sex wedding photographyWedding guests enjoy the lawn games at wellbeing farm wedding wedding guests playing on space hoppers

Quirky Wellbeing Farm wedding

As their family and friends enjoyed canapes and cocktails it was time for us to head out and meet the guests of honour – the donkeys and llamas! They were dressed to the nines in bowties and flat caps and looked very dapper indeed. The animals were a huge hit with the guests and featured in many a selfie that afternoon! 

While the llamas kept everyone entertained the beautiful brides and I snuck away to get some portraits of the two of them. There are so many great spots for photos at the Wellbeing Farm, it’s a wedding photographer’s dream!

After some hilarious speeches there was time to make the most of the sunshine and take part in some very enthusiastic space hopper races. No guests were harmed in the taking of those photos! We just laughed a lot! As darkness fell the music started and everyone hit the dance floor.

I’ve got to say that my first Wellbeing Farm wedding was absolutely brilliant. Kayleigh and Ashleigh, you guys are so much fun to be around and I loved every minute of your day. Thank you!

brides enter for wedding breakfast father of the bride speaks at daughters wedding speech given by father of the bride father of the bride laughs during speeches brides laugh reacting to fathers speech wedding guests laugh and react to speeches Father of the bride stands proud to speak at daughters wedding Two dads hug after speeches brides share a toast at same sex wedding bride reacts to speech by maid of honour wedding guests drink favour shots wedding converse inspiration beautiful sunsets at the wellbeing farm wellbeing farm wedding photography First dance at the wellbeing farm brides and maid of honour on the dancefloor Guests party at the wellbeing farm

If you’re reading this and are looking for someone to photograph your own wedding at the Wellbeing Farm then I’m your man! I’d love to hear from you.

Bartle Hall Wedding Photography // Freya and Ben

Bartle Hall Wedding Photographymarried couple walk up the drive at bartle hall

Hidden away in the countryside, somewhere between Preston and Blackpool, is Bartle Hall. Set in acres of grounds it’s one of the most picturesque wedding venues in the area. There are plenty of places to explore for portraits and I always manage to find somewhere new to photograph whenever I visit.

Freya and Ben had decided to have a more traditional church ceremony at St John the Evangelist in Clifton. You could feel their nerves just before Freya walked in, although Ben’s Best Man Nathan kept the tension at bay by cracking jokes. That’s exactly what a Best Man is for, calming nerves and keeping you smiling! Father Brian kept the humour up throughout the ceremony too, making them burst into laughter throughout their vows.

Legalities done we headed out into the sunshine (remember summer…it feels so far away now doesn’t it!) and Freya and Ben walked through a sea of confetti before they were whisked off to Bartle Hall. I always say to couples that for fantastic confetti shots they need A LOT of confetti. If they think they have enough…then they need to buy more!

bartle hall wedding bridal prep the makeup company working their magic on bartle hall bride hairspray and wedding hair style inspiration bride has earings put in by bridesmaid bride carries veil over beds at bridal prep bride in wedding dress has finishing touches applied final hair styling before wedding stunning bride smiles for portrait before wedding groom waiting nervously at church groom and best man in blue check suits in church bride walks down isle with dad groom waiting in anticipation for bride bride and groom in Lancashire church service bride and groom smile during Ribble valley church wedding bride and groom kiss at Lancashire wedding ceremony bride and groom smile as they leave church hugs and celebrations with newly weds outside church Bride smiles as she hugs guest after Lancashire Church Wedding Bride and Groom laugh outside Lancashire Church Bartle Hall Wedding Photography Confetti Shot Confetti outside Lancashire Church Magician Andy Dean wows guests at Bartle Hall Wedding Bartle Hall Magician Andy Dean guests reaction to bartle hall magician married couple kiss under trees at Bartle Hall Beautiful couples portraits at Bartle Hall Bartle Hall Wedding Photography Groom kisses brides forehead during couples portraits Bartle Hall wedding Photography

Summer wedding at Bartle Hall

Bartle Hall is a perfect venue for a summer wedding. Ben and Freya’s guests made the most of the terrace and lawn while magician Andy Dean baffled them with some insanely good magic. It was great to see Andy again after he performed at my wedding a few years back too. There was a lot of laughter and many awed faces as he worked his way through the crowd. Amy (my second shooter) and I spent far too long trying to work out just how he does his tricks!

Before everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast I took some time out with Ben and Freya. There are so many places for portraits at Bartle Hall and we made the most of them – from the woods at the back of the venue all the way to the tree lined driveway. We got back in time for Wayne Farrow to get everyone up dancing and singing throughout the wedding breakfast. He kept the entire room entertained and kicked the evening off in style! The dancefloor was packed before Freya and Ben had chance to do their first dance! The fab Six15 Events took over for the night and things got wild! These guests know how to party!

Father of the brides speech at Bartle hall Father of the bride at bartle hall bride looks up at dad during his speech top table reacts to speech by father of the bride at Bartle Hall Groom delivers his speech at Bartle Hall Grooms speech at Bartle Hall Preston Best mans speech at bartle hall groom reacts to best mans speech Wayne Farrow wedding entertainment at bartle hall Wayne farrow entertaining guests at bartle hall bridesmaids singing with Wayne Farrow Wayne Farrow wedding entertainment at Bartle Hall Father of the bride singing at bartle hall Bridal party singing with Wayne Farrow Top table being entertained at bartle hall Stunning first dance at Bartle Hall Dancefloor action at Bartle Hall Bride and Groom party with guests at Bartle Hall Bride and Groom party with six15 events Six15 events entertain guests at Bartle Hall Six15 Events at Bartle Hall PrestonCreative Bartle Hall Wedding Photography Couple in the rain for night portraits at Bartle Hall

Weddings at Bartle Hall

Ben and Freya’s Bartle Hall wedding was a corker! If you are planning your epic wedding there and want some creative portraits mixed with natural documentary photography then I’m the man for  you! Get in touch and let’s chat.



Waterton Park Wedding Photography – Emma and Andy

Waterton Park Wedding PhotographyTattooed couple wedding inspiration

This was my first time shooting a wedding at Waterton Park and I think I’ve fallen a little bit in love with it! Set in the middle of gorgeous parkland, right in the heart of Yorkshire it’s a wedding photographer’s dream. Loads of beautiful backdrops and even a lake – you know I made use of that for some portraits of Andy and Emma for their Waterton park wedding photography!

Waterton Park wedding ceremony

I love it when couples hold everything at one venue, it can make for a much more relaxed day. Once everyone arrives they know they can kick back, grab a glass (or two!) of fizz and get ready to party!

I spent the morning with the girls. Emma was slightly nervous but looking forward to seeing Andy. Most brides confide that walking down the aisle, is the moment they are most nervous of. They also tell me later that it’s actually not nerve wracking at all and they love seeing their groom’s face! Speaking as a past groom that was one of my favourite moments of the day, when I saw my wife walking towards me. She had a huge smile on her face and I couldn’t stop grinning!

 I love the photos of Andy just before Emma walks in, you can see his nerves and then his face breaking out into a big, beaming grin as he sees his bride. The ceremony was so intimate, you could really feel the love and warmth that the two of them have for each other.

 Once the formalities were done and dusted we headed out into the grounds of Waterton Park for confetti, a few family photos and some portraits of the couple.

bridal makeup at waterton park waterton park bridal make up bride has make up by team at waterton park mother of the bride fastens wedding dress tattooed bride wedding dress inspiration groom on wedding morning groom straightens his tie american football groom cufflinks tattooed groom suit inspiration bride arrives at ceremony room bride and groom share a look during wedding ceremony vows shared at waterton park bride and groom smile during wedding ceremony brides reaction to grooms vows wedding ring exchange at waterton park black and white wedding ring exchange first kiss as husband and wife confetti at waterton parkcouple walk towards walton hall at waterton park Disney wedding decoration details tattooed bride and groom on the lake at walton hall tattooed wedding couple kiss at waterton park Walton Hall and Waterton ParkCreative wedding portraits

Spending time with a couple on the day is so important to me. It gives them a chance to have a breather and take some time out together. Once the ceremony is over you’re caught up in a whirlwind of congratulatory hugs and hardly get a moment to catch your breath!

I try and take couples out for portraits at two points during the day, once in between ceremony and their wedding breakfast and again later on in the evening once it’s going dark. I love creatively lit portraits and it’s a big reason why my couples book me. With Andy and Emma we stayed around the lake during the afternoon. It’s such an amazing location I really wanted to make the most of it for them. Once the sun set we ventured out again to get a shot of the two of them with the stunning hotel as a backdrop. I love it when we can really show off the couple’s venue, it will bring back great memories for them both in years to come.

father of the bride speech father of the brides speech at waterton park groom nervously gives his wedding speech grooms speech at waterton park father of the groom cries at his sons speech best man rips into groom during his speech tattooed couple on the bridge at waterton park hotel bridal portraits on the edge of the lake tattooed bride and groom tattooed first dance inspiration first dance at waterton park and walton hall wedding guests fill the dance floor dance floor action at walton hall rock n roll wedding party stunning wedding portrait at Walton Hall at night

Thank you

Andy and Emma, thank you so much for having me along to be part of your day, I had such a great time photographing your wedding at Waterton Park! Future brides and grooms, if you are planning your day there then get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your plans.


Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding Photography // Vanessa and Joe

Owen House Wedding Barn Photography

Creative wedding photography at Owen House Wedding BarnLet’s clear things up before any rumours start, contrary to what the photos may suggest Joe didn’t actually get arrested on the morning of his wedding! That’s just an old family friend arriving at groom prep. He was released from the handcuffs before the ceremony began I can assure you!

It was slightly calmer and less raucous over at the girls. Ness was excitedly getting ready surrounded by friends while her Dad hid in the kitchen with a beer. Typical Father of the Bride behaviour!

Over at the church Joe, following a pre-wedding pint, kept himself busy greeting guests. He had a huge smile on his face and was telling everyone that he couldn’t wait for Ness to arrive. The elation on their faces when they saw each other was wonderful to see, I love moments like that!

At every wedding you can guarantee a number of things will happen. One of them (and my favourite!) is HUGS! These guys didn’t disappoint! Straight after the ceremony there was so much hugging and high fives and grins. The warmth and love that their family and friends have for Ness and Joe was so apparent.

Bride has make up applied Bridal make up prep photograph bride and bridesmaid share a look over bridal flowers Bride applies finishing touches to make up Father of the bride looks at bridesmaid dress Bride gets into wedding dress Father of the bride first look dad and daughter hug on morning of wedding groom is marched back to house by dad groom laughing wearing police hat groom drinks champagne hugs in the pub on wedding morning father and bride arrive at church bridesmaids walk towards church in burgundy dresses priest lighting candles in church groom laughing before church service Father of the bride walks his daughter down the isle bride and groom see each other for the first time Exchange of wedding rings bride and groom exchange wedding rings bride and groom sign the wedding registerbride and groom exit church wedding guest miles and hugs groom confetti thrown in church grounds

Unique Wedding Venue

Confetti thrown and many, many hugs given it was time to head over Owen House Wedding Barn to continue the celebrations. This is such a unique venue. Tucked away in the Cheshire countryside it’s set on a working farm which, as you can imagine, makes for fantastic photos! The Barn looked incredible, it’s got a real rustic charm yet looks pretty darn cool as well! Ness and Joe had really gone to town on the decor and I loved the neon lights they’d strung up. They made it into more than a few photos!

Once Ness and Joe had grabbed a glass of fizz we decided to head out and explore the farm, getting a few portraits along the way of course. Their handsome pup decided to join us for a few pictures too, we couldn’t leave him out!

Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding

After some of my signature night time portraits Ness and Joe were straight back on the dancefloor. The party was going wild! DJ Andy Murphy was in charge of the tunes and he made sure everyone was on their feet all night. He’s one of the best around!

Owen House Wedding Barn venue Inspiration Owen House Wedding Barn Portraits Dogs at weddings inspiration Bridal Portraits at Owen House Wedding Barn Bride and Groom Kiss by the pampas grass Creative wedding portraits by Nik Bryant Owen House wedding Barn Photography Couples portraits at owen house Kissing couple in the pampas grass Father of the brides speech Father of the bride stands for his speech Grooms Speech at Owen house Best Mans Speech at Owen House Wedding Barn Groom hies head in hands during best mans speech First Dance at Owen House Wedding Barn Filled Dance Floor at Owen House DJ Andy Murphy Wedding Guests Party at Owen House

Getting Married at Owen House Wedding Barn?

This was such a great wedding to be a part of and I loved shooting at Owen House. If you’re planning your own Owen House Wedding Barn wedding then give me a shout. I’d love to chat to you about your wedding photography.

Mitton Hall Wedding Photography – Tom and Bex

Mitton Hall Creative Portraits

Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

Mitton Hall Wedding PhotographyMitton Hall is a legendary venue in the wedding world. As a photographer you know you’re going to get well looked after (the food is delicious, always a bonus!). The grounds make for amazing photos and the best couples get married there! Bex and Tom, I’m looking at you guys!

Bridal Prep at the Family Home

 I started the day with Bex and her girls. Tom was getting ready at home with their son Cian so the girls had taken over her parents house. I have a bit of a soft spot for brides getting ready at home, there’s something really lovely about parents and their  daughter leaving the family home together on a wedding day. Bex had been a planning queen and had come up with lots of little touches for the day. Including a ‘father of the bride’ whiskey tumbler for her Dad so he could have a tipple before they set off. Turned out he really needed that drink as he was overcome with emotion when he saw Bex in her dress for the first time. In fact, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. I may have had to sneakily wipe away a tear or two myself!

Bride has make up applied Bridal make up on the morning of Mitton Hall Wedding bridal make up wedding flower crown inspiration bridesmaid helps bride with ear rings dad holds back tears when seeing daughter

Second Shooters and Groom Prep

Meanwhile, my second shooter was hanging out with the boys. Tom was pretty chilled out and little cheeky chappy Cian stole the show. He looked so dapper in his wedding suit! A mini replica of his Dad’s, complete with watch chain. Tom didn’t scrub up too badly either! I love that Bex had put together a ‘groom’s survival kit’ for him. Including socks to stop him getting cold feet and some miniature gins to calm his nerves!

groom fixes his cufflinks groom straightens tie in mirror wedding countdown sign inspiration groom helps son with shoes groom and son on wedding morning Groom and son in matching whitfied and ward suits

Lancashire Wedding Church Ceremony

Bex and Tom had chosen a more traditional wedding ceremony at St Lawrence’s a quaint church in Longridge. The heavens opened as Bex arrived but she was escorted into the church by some ushers wielding umbrellas. They’re always handy to have around – both ushers and umbrellas!

groom and best man at church bride arrives at church in wedding car bride walked down the isle by father clitheroe church wedding service bride smiles during wedding service black and white wedding service bride and groom during church wedding wedding rings exchanged during church service bride signs the wedding registerstepladder wedding decoration inspirationmitton hall wedding decoration inspiration bride and son play with disposable camera little boy plays with disposable camera at a wedding

Mitton Hall wedding portraits

Now that Tom and Bex were officially husband and wife it was time to celebrate! The rain was still coming down (good old Lancashire weather!) but Mitton Hall is the perfect venue for a slightly wet wedding. The three of us took some time out to explore the Hall and get some portraits. Then, as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, we dashed outside for some photos of the two of them and the all important confetti shot. Always one of my favourite parts of the day.

Dancefloor Couture were on hand to get the party started in their inimitable style. Tom and Bex had a break from the dancefloor for a few night-time portraits (a bit of a speciality of mine!) and then we left them to enjoy the rest of their night.

bride and groom laugh during portraits in the bridal suite bridal portraits at Mitton Hall Hotel Bride and groom share a moment during portraits at Mitton Hall Natural wedding make up inspirationCreative Mitton Hall Wedding PhotographyConfetti Shower at Mitton Hall Wedding Bride leads Groom to top table Father of the bride speech at mitton hallbride looks on at groom as he gives speech groom gives speech at mitton hall best mans speech at mitton hall hotel groom hides his face in reaction to best mans speech groom is embarrassed by best manBride and Groom cut the cake Mitton Hall Wedding first dance First dance at mitton hall groom dancing at mitton hall DFC Lancashire bring the party guests party and dance at mitton hall mother of the bride on the dance floor at mitton hall Creative wedding portrait outside Mitton Hall at Night Married couple silhouette outside Mitton Hall

Getting Married at Mitton Hall

As you can probably tell I’m a huge fan of Mitton Hall weddings so if you’re getting married there then get in touch with me. I’d love to hear all about your plans!

Supplier Role Call

Flowers – Flowers With Passion

Dj – Dance Floor Couture 

Make Up – Abby Holt at Halcyon Days

Dress – Enzoni from Lulu Browns

Suits – Whitfield & Ward

History of Mitton Hall

This stunning Tudor mansion house is Grade II listed and over 550 years old. A ‘Manor of Little Mitton’ was first granted by Robert de Lacy to Sir Ralphe de Mitton in 1189, the current house was not built until 1487 but the land Mitune was mentioned in the Domesday book. By the Tudor period the De Mitton family were no longer lords of the manor and the house was built by the owners at the time the Caterall family. The family held the house until Elizabeth Caterall married Thomas Shireburne. The house was sold in 1664 due to the shireburnes financial insecurity. The house was purchased by Alexander Holt a London goldsmith. Descendents of the Alexander Holt, the Aspinall family remain Lord of Mitton Manor to this day. The hall was leased to a number of people including John Hick (of Hick Hargreaves engineers of Bolton) in 1874. For a period during the Second World War the house was occupied by The Third Field Training Regiment. The last tenants moved out in 1966 and the house reopened as a restaurant and Country Club in 1968. The Hall has been run as a hotel and events venue since the 1980s.

Mitton Hall is one of only a few timber framed open hall  buildings in Lancashire. The building has had a number of more recent stone extensions which are sympathetic to the original great hall building. The first of these extensions took place in the 1600s and then a another set of extensions were completed in 1844 and then again in 1880. Other minor changes have been added to the house over the last 100 years as each owner has stamped their mark on the house.

The interior of Mitton Hall is laden with original features including fine timbered walls, beautiful plasterwork and fireplaces. The original Great Hall is still the centre of the Hall. In some rooms the modern decor sits beside original features to provide a sumptuous atmosphere. The galleried walkway around the great hall is beautiful and it feels like you have stepped back in time, a criss cross of carved wooden staircases leads off the walkway. A fabulous grand piano sits in the great hall but the huge original stone fireplace is the centrepiece of this versatile space. Look up to see the restored timbers in the roof above. Beautiful carvings can be seen over the bar and in some of the quiet seating areas on the ground floor as well as above some of the fireplaces. Some of the building boasts stained glass windows which lets dappled light into the Great Hall. The building has been sympathetically restored and it feels as though the different eras of this hotel flow together well to provide a beautiful venue. Outside Mitton Hall the beautiful Ribble Valley awaits you with views stretching out for miles across open countryside. The river is a feature of the landscape and can be seen from various parts of the site. Closer to the building there are beautiful lawns, planted borders and mature trees. An array of roses can be enjoyed in the summer and the trees provide beautiful autumn colours, see lambs gamboling in the surround fields in the spring. There are areas for outdoor entertaining, eating and drinking. Furniture has been carefully chosen to reflect the house and sits easily beside the stone work of the hall.