Eaves Hall Wedding Photography // Sandra and Fran

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Same sex eaves hall wedding

“Enjoy the process. The planning should be as enjoyable as the wedding day. We loved trying on different dresses and outfits, sampling food and designing the stationary. And on the day itself remember to stop and take it all in because it goes so fast.”

 Wise words from Sandra and Fran, I especially love their advice to stop and take it all in on the day. I encourage all my couples to do this as the day goes by so fast. You really do want to take a moment just to breathe and be together.

 Weddings at Eaves Hall

I am a big fan of Eaves Hall. Set in the beautiful Ribble Valley it’s exclusive use with amazing gardens. A wedding photographer’s dream venue!

 While Sandra and Fran loved the location the real draw for them was that Eaves Hall is dog friendly. They couldn’t have got married without their guests of honour, French Bulldogs Max and Diesel!

 The Frenchies walked down the aisle ahead of Sandra, then a huge smile lit up Fran’s face as she caught sight of her wife to be. I’m not going to lie, the ceremony was emotional. There were some lovely readings from their mums and a really special moment with their daughter Rebecca (who stole the show!). I love that the whole family were involved in the ceremony. Weddings really are about everyone coming together and celebrating.

 Wedding entertainment

During the wedding breakfast Chris from Dancefloor Couture kept everyone entertained. The DFC guys are incredible at what they do and really know how to get a wedding party started. He had the whole crowd up singing and dancing before sitting Fran and Sandra down for a hilarious game of

Mrs and Mrs. This seemed to be a particular highlight for everyone, there was a lot of laughter as Fran and Sandra battled it out.

And the entertainment didn’t stop there. After whisking Fran and Sandra away for some of my signature lit portraits it was time for them to take to the dancefloor. First though Fran had a surprise for Sandra. She took to the stage to sing Jess Glynne’s My Love for her new wife before they had their first dance together.

Sandra, Fran, what a day! I loved being your wedding photographer. Thank you!

 If you’re planning your own wedding at Eaves Hall then get in touch, I’d love to hear about your plans.

Eaves Hall in the Ribble Valley
Wedding dress details and bridal shoe inspiration
two french bulldogs in the grounds of eaves hall
Bride writes a card in bridal suite at eaves hall
Bridal prep at Eaves Hall
Eaves Hall Bridal preparations
Brides daughter assists with wedding dress at eaves hall
Mother of the bride assists with wedding jewellery
Bride fixes and adjusts tie during prep
Bride adjusts tie and makes final touches before eaves hall wedding
Bride smiles as she awaits her bride to be in the Ballroom at Eaves Hall
Groomsman walks the isle with French Bulldogs
Bride and Father walk down the aisle in Eaves Hall Ballroom
Emotional Bride during Eaves Hall Wedding Ceremony
Eaves Hall Same Sex Wedding Ceremony
Eaves Hall Ballroom wedding ceremony
Same Sex Eaves Hall Wedding
Mother of the Bride does a reading during Eaves Hall Wedding Ceremony
Exchange of wedding rings at Eaves Hall Wedding Ceremony
Same Sex Wedding First Kiss
Confetti at Eaves Hall Wedding
Post Ceremony hugs and congratulations at Eaves Hall wedding
Two brides in the grounds at Eaves Hall
beautiful wedding photography at Eaves Hall
Same sex couple in the beautiful grounds at eaves hall
Eaves hall Wedding Portraits
Same Sex wedding portraits at Eaves Hall
Eaves hall Wedding Portraits
Hessian wedding favour bags and table setting inspiration
Eaves Hall Wedding Details
Father of the bride speech at Eaves Hall Wedding
Bride looks on during wedding speeches at eaves hall
Bride react to funny wedding speeches
Bride wipes a tear from her eye during Eaves Hall wedding speech
DFC Lancashire wedding host Chris starts wedding games
Bride hugs family during wedding games and speeches
Two brides play game of Mrs and Mrs hosted by DFC Lancashire
Guests react to wedding games and speeches
Father of the bride makes animated speech at eaves hall wedding
bride speaks to guests during wedding breakfast
Brides speak and say thank you to family and guests
Guests in the snooker room at Eaves Hall
Brides cut incredible wedding cake
Wedding cake cut at eaves hall
Two brides during their first dance at Eaves Hall Wedding
Eaves Hall wedding First Dance
Bride on the dance floor at Eaves hall with Tie around head
DFC Lancashire Wedding party in full flow
two brides on the dancefloor at eaves hall
Creative night time wedding photography at Eaves Hall

The History of Eaves Hall

Eaves Hall is a beautiful country house set in the Ribble Valley in heart of the rolling Lancashire hills. The Grade II listed building has gone through a number of changes over the years as the building has passed to new owners each putting their own stamp on their home. The house was built after a number of plots of land were brought together in 1866 by John Burton – cotton entrepreneur.

Burton was given land by his father and bought up plots of land close by, Eaves House and Drake House. Both homes were demolished and a new Eaves Hall was completed in 1871 (about half a mile west of the original Eaves House). The estate remained in the Burton family, in 1918 Arthur Burton took tenancy of the Hall and began work landscaping the gardens.

The new formal terrace garden included rose garden and a bathing pool. The house was then transformed into the red brick building we know today. The brick facade was wrapped around the sandstone walls of the hall build only 50 years before. The works cost more than £200,000. The work was completed by Hitchon and Pickup, local architects. The house was sold for just £4000 in 1931 as the cotton industry went into decline, the Burtons could no longer afford the house. By 1941 Eaves Hall was the headquarters of Brooke Bond tea, safe from the bombings in the London Blitz. After the war Brooke Bond converted the hall into a hotel which they ran until 1961. It was purchased by the Civil Service Motoring club and became a members club for people ‘motoring’ north. It has been owned by a number of hotel chains since 2007 and is currently owned by the James group.

Eaves Hall boasts beautiful gardens, lush lawns and formal planting surrounded by the Lancashire countryside. The garden retains some of the original statues and ornate sandstone walls from the early 20th century rebuild of the house and gardens. The rooms retain some of their original features with a modern twist, bringing a contemporary style to the space. Tiled floors are complemented by wooden panelling and beautiful chandeliers. Open fires in original fireplaces bring a warming glow during the colder winter months. The outside space provides spaces to relax and unwind. The gardens can be explored, finding quiet nooks for a few moments of peace and to enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside or perhaps a game of croquet. The hall is framed by trees and manicured lawns, bringing a lush green. The formal gardens provide a myriad of colours all through the summer.