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Preston Pre Wedding Shoot // Freya and Ben

Preston Pre Wedding Shoot // Freya and Ben

Engaged couple laugh and joke with each other during pre wedding shootRecently I headed out for a Preston Pre wedding shoot with Freya and Ben ahead of their Bartle Hall wedding. We met up at Freya’s parents house and headed out to the local park where we wandered, took photos and Freya and Ben told me all the stories of how they met and what brought them together.

Preston Pre Wedding Shoot

As we walked and talked we inevitably talked about plans for the wedding and honeymoon. With a church service followed by the reception at Bartle Hall it is set to be an incredible day and party. Names such as Red Floral Architecture and Six15 Events were dropped into conversation which got me even more excited for this amazing couples wedding.

School Yard Sweethearts

Being such a young couple but clearly totally besotted with each other Ben told me about how him and Freya met at school where he tried everything he could to impress Freya and eventually it worked. Having been together since school and barely leaving each others side with Freya’s parents inviting Ben to move in with them when he and Freya set up their greengrocers business the next step was Ben popping the question.

Check out the images from the Preston Pre wedding shoot below and keep an eye on the blog for the wedding later in the year!

Engaged couple stand in field of daffodils Preston Pre Wedding Shoot Preston couple share a kiss under an archway Couple share a moment on preston pre wedding shoot Couple holding hands share a giggle during the pre wedding shoot Bartle Hall wedding photographer preston couple on pre wedding shoot Preston wedding photography Couple share a kiss during engagement shoot young couple embrace during preston pre wedding shoot Couple silhouette through the trees

Northern Quarter Pre Wedding Shoot // Amy and Oona

two girls stand in front of a graffiti heart in Manchester

Northern Quarter Pre Wedding Shoot

Female couple laugh holding hands in front of Manchester graffiti There is nothing more I love than a Northern Quarter Pre Wedding shoot. The Northern Quarter has to be one of my favourite places in Manchester. The ever changing graffiti, the cool bars and independent retailers and don’t get me started on the places to grab a bite to eat.

Amy and Oona chose the Northern Quarter as this was where they dated and lived for a while at the start of their relationship. Heading to a few places they spent on dates and heading to a few spots near Oona’s old flat the shoot became a bit of a nostalgia trip which was awesome to hear about where these two dated and spent nights out.

Graffiti, Colour and Cool Backdrops

Dotted all around the Northern Quarter you can find loads of cool backdrops and ever changing graffiti. We nipped to a little alley behind The Fitzgerald that has a pretty awesome mural painted all along one of the walls then on to the love heart on Stevenson Square which holds more significance as it was painted by one of Amy’s favourite artists.

Also tagging along on part of the shoot was Hugo, Amy and Oona’s little sausage dog. He was such a cutie and for a while stole the show! After this shoot I am so excited for their wedding in May at The Whitaker in Rawtenstall.

Please check out some of my favourite images from the shoot below!

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Same sex couple stand in front of a graffiti mural Northern Quarter same sex pre wedding shoot Sausage dog hugo steals the show same sex couple laugh during northern quarter pre wedding shoot graffiti backdrops in Manchester's Northern Quarter Northern Quarter Manchester Couple walk hand in hand through Manchester Same Sex couple share a kiss in Manchester Same sex couple laugh during northern quarter pre wedding shoot Northern Quarter pre wedding shoot couple imitate graffiti Couple hold hands in front of hear shaped graffiti in Manchester Couple share a kiss in front of iconic Manchester bee graffiti same sex couple on their northern quarter pre wedding shoot couple in manchester frames by a vintage scooter lesbian couple share a moment in front of the gates of the old Manchester fish markets lesbian couple sat on the old manchester fish market steps same sex couple under a Dr Martens graffiti mural in Manchester


Yarrow Valley Engagement Shoot // James and Kaylie

Yarrow Valley Engagement shoot
A couple stand and kiss in the rain

I met up with Kaylie and James on a very wet and rainy Saturday morning for their Yarrow Valley engagement shoot. The plan was to head out for a lovely stroll around Yarrow Valley park and take some lovely pictures and have a good catch up. When we all met up it was clear that the rain was not for halting but neither were Kaylie and James. They weren’t going to let a little rain stop their plans to show me one of their favourite spots.

So without hesitation we set out to create some magic, albeit a little rainy. It wasn’t without its trouble being out in the rain but these guys absolutely embraced the weather on the walk round Yarrow Valley Park. Not only did we embrace the rain the guys even took to the park to try out the swings and even a very wet slide that James almost instantly regretted.

Based on the way James and Kaylie are together and the way they were happy to go with the flow even in the pretty grim conditions I can honestly say these guys are properly loved up and I really can’t wait to shoot the wedding in July!

yarrow valley engagement shoot a couple kiss in the rain a couple laugh in the rain a happy couple embrace in the rain at yarrow valley park a couple walking through yarrow valley park in the rain yarrow valley in the rain
a couple stand by the lake in yarrow valley country park a couple laughing in the rain playing on the swings in the park a regrettable decision to use the slide in the rain

Lancaster Engagement Shoot – Ben and Anna

Anna and Ben – A Lancaster Engagement Shoot

Lancaster Enagagement Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of this wonderful and fun Lancaster Engagement Shoot with Ben and Anna. Now with this one I am a little biased as Anna is my sister-in-law, but these guys are so good together and just natural in front of the camera.

We met up on a Saturday afternoon and went into the Williamson Park for a bit of a wander and to find some nice spots for photos. One of the nicest things about the day appart from being able to spend quality time with family and take some gorgeous photos was to hear Ben speak about how he used to play in the park as a child and about the best spots for sledging in winter. This is one of the main reasons I like the couple to choose the location as it normally somewhere of significance for them like this was for Ben and Anna.

After a hefty walk around the park and up and down numerous hills we had found a few cool spots for photos and got some nice relaxed photos which can be seen below. Again Ben and Anna were natural and easy in front of the camera and when it comes to the wedding day whoever has the job of capturing the wedding will have a pretty easy job.

Being able to capture these moments was a great pleasure and something I love doing however when it comes to thier wedding day I have been instructed to take the day off and to enjoy the wedding and party!

Finally I just want to say a massive congratulations to Ben and Anna and that I am so happy for them both and can’t wait to have another brother-in law!!

Enagagement Shoot Lancaster Happy Couple Enagagement Pre wedding shoot Lancaster Lancaster Pre Wedding Shoot Couple Kissing Engaged Couple Cuddling benanna-2265 Holding Hands benanna-2279 Lancaster Park Engagement Shoot  benanna-2295 benanna-2303 benanna-2330 benanna-2338 benanna-2345 benanna-2356 benanna-2360 benanna-2390 benanna-2402 benanna-2403 benanna-2408 benanna-2416 benanna-2417 benanna-2422  Lancaster Engagement benanna-2450 benanna-2488 benanna-2492 benanna-2504 benanna-2509