The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding // Rae and Adam

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Bride and Groom share a moment in front of The Oak Tree Of PeoverWhen I first met Adam and Rae I knew instantly that this would be a super cool, laid back and fun Oak Tree Of Peover wedding and it didn’t disappoint. Setting the date for Friday the 13th for most couples would be a complete no go but for Rae and Adam it just added to the unconventional elements of the wedding.

As mentioned, yes, these guys tied the knot on Friday the 13th. So hoping nothing could go wrong the day started with the bride and her bridesmaids arriving on a mini bus to get ready at The Oak Tree Of Peover. Upon arrival all was well up until the bride received a text message showing how one of the mini bus doors had fallen off. Yep IT FELL OFF! This was just the start of things that could potentially cause a problem as Rae informed me her dad was in hospital with broken ribs and a possible collapsed lung and may not make it to the Oak Tree Of Peover wedding!

Friday the 13th and The Suspense

Ceremony time rolls around and Adam nervously awaits his school sweetheart underneath an archway he hand made from copper pipe which was just one part of the details that the couple had made themselves. It wasn’t always that way though as we were all reliably informed during the speeches. Apparently Adam went to prom with another girl but left with Rae so it all worked out in the end.

Back to Adam waiting patiently and still unsure if Rae’s dad would be making it to the wedding and with 3 minutes to the ceremony he strolls in to the bridal prep room to give his daughter the biggest hug and to wish her luck before he takes his seat. Thats right he took his seat as another part of this non traditional day was that Adam was to meet his bride at the top of the isle and they would walk each other down to be married which I thought was such a beautiful touch.

Thunder Storms and Sunny Spells

The forecast had been threatening The Oak Tree of Peover wedding all day with rain and after the week we had with incredible weather it seemed nothing could put a dampener on the day. With glorious sunshine throughout the ceremony and drinks reception giving us plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings that The Oak Tree Of Peover has. The weather didn’t last but if there was a perfect time for rain it hit during the meal then cleared out for the speeches and the reception meaning everyone could enjoy the grounds again.

With the cake cutting and first dance appearing out of nowhere Chicks with Decks brought The Oakree of Peover Wedding fully into the party spirit keeping the dancefloor occupied well into the night.

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Beautiful details and centre pieces at The Oak Tree of Peover
Bridal preparations at the oak tree of peover
Bride has her hair sprayed by hairdresser
Bride has flower crown fixed in place for her Oak Tree of Peover wedding
Bride applies lipstick in windowlight
Bridal portrait in beautiful window light in bridal prep room
Bridesmaid wearing waistcoat walks down the isle
bridesmaid carrying home made bouquet walks the isle
bridesmaid enters at the oak tree
bride makes her entrance at the oaktree of peover
Groom greets his bride at the top of the isle for the Oak tree of peover wedding
Bride and Groom walk down the isle together for the oaktree of peover wedding
Bride and Groom stand hand in hand under copper pipe arch way
Bride and groom have a moment during the oaktree of peover wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom stand under copper arch way as bridesmaid gives a reading
Bride and Groom smile during ceremony at the oaktree of peover
Groom reads his vows to his bride during wedding ceremony
Bride reads her vows during wedding ceremony
Groom exchanges rings with his bride during knutsford wedding
bride gives groom wedding ring in ceremony room at the oak tree of peover
Bride and Groom kiss in wedding ceremony in knutsford
Groom lifts bride as they kiss and a pronounced man and wife
Bride and groom walk arm in arm through confetti
Bride and Groom laugh and smile as they walk through confetti
Bride and Groom and bridal party stand in front of the oak tree of peover
beautiful details and gin bottle centrepieces used in rustic DIY upcycled wedding
Wedding breakfast room all set up at the oaktree of peover in cheshire
bridal portraits in golden fields of wheat
groom kissing his bride on the cheek during bridal portraits
Bride and Groom walk hand in hand down the drive way of the oaktree of peover
Couples portraits over the lake at the oaktree of peover wedding venue in cheshire
Bride and Groom shot on the lawns over the lake
Father of the bride gives his speech
Groom gives a speech at the oaktree of peover wedding
Bride laughing in reaction to speeches
Maid of Honour address' bride and groom
Best man prepares to roast his brother the groom
bride laughs as the groom hides his head in his hands
Father of the groom brings the speeches to a close
bride and groom raise a glass in toast
bridal portraits in front of the oaktree of peover
best man lights a cigar
groomsman lights a cigar outside the venue
bride smoking a cigar during drinks reception
bride and groom cut the cake before their first dance
Bride and groom take to the dance floor for their first dance
Bride and groom during their first dance at the oaktree of peover
grooms father hugs bride and groom on the dancefloor
dancefloor antics at the oaktree of peover
crestive portraits at The Oaktree of Peover
couple in silhouette in front of the oak tree of peover

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at The Oak Tree of Peover who looked after me on the day, kept me hydrated and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team at Olive Tree Catering for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food, Chicks with Decks for bringing the party and to the team at Flossies for the incredible venue dressing!

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