King Street Townhouse Wedding // Lu and Chris

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King Street Townhouse Wedding // Lu and Chris

married couple stand on the roof of king street townhouseWhen I first met up with Lu and Chris and they told me their story I totally fell in love with these guys as a couple. They told me about the cool ideas for the wedding, the Game of Thrones theme and then the venue! It has long been on my list to photograph an awesome King Street Townhouse Wedding and then up pop Lu and Chris.

Tattoos and Total Geek Outs

So Lu and Chris won’t mind me telling you that they are self confessed geeks but I love that. When we met we chatted all about Star Wars, Tattoos, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and most importantly, the show that forged the relationship between this stunning couple, Game Of Thrones! After meeting at a friends house party back in 2008 neither of the pair thought anything of it but 5 years later meeting again via facebook and chatting over a mutual love of Game Of Thrones is what kickstarted the relationship so it would have been rude not to have this theme running through the wedding which can be seen from details down to table names and bottles of “wildfire” as favours.

When it came to tattoos Lu was very much all about having these on display on the wedding day and you can see how incredibly stunning she looked in her dress. Chris however was in the process of having laser removal for a tattoo on his hand which I was told was a Vegas Special. From what I am told Lu and Chris and a few friends all got matching tattoos out in Vegas and even under the advice of his wife to be to not tattoo his hand he went for it!

Portraits and Party Time for a King Street Townhouse Wedding

From arriving in the morning and spending time with Lu and her girls I knew that the cold January wouldn’t be an issue for getting these guys outside for some cool (in every sense of the word) portraits. We managed to get out on the roof which gives perfect views across Manchester City Centre, one of the main reasons to have a King Street Townhouse Wedding. Later in the evening before the party really started we managed to head out into the city for more shots and the cold didn’t stop these two.

The evening party was brought in by good friend and awesome DJ Tom Hardwick. With Lu and Chris being self confessed metal heads (even Chris’ mum was asking for slayer) Tom was the clear choice. Not only does he know his stuff when it comes to keeping a dance floor packed when you ask him to spin headbanging metal tunes it will be one hell of a party, and from what I hear later in the night Lu slipped on her dress and while trying to save her prosecco managed to cut her hand creating what she affectionately calls her wedding battle scar. Total Rock and Roll wedding story right there!

Battle scars aside Lu and Chris were the perfect couple to work with in the cold January and I am sure they as much fun as I did while shooting this awesome King Street Townhouse Wedding. Congratulations guys and all the best!

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