Wedding Photography // A Neil Redfern Workshop

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Neil Redfern Workshop-1211

I feel as a wedding photographer that there is always something to learn and there is always someone to learn from whether it be from someone who has been photographing for years or from someone who has a cool technique or even if it is to learn how not to do something.

I recently attended a workshop run by Neil Redfern at Hoghton Tower. Hoghton Tower is such a beautiful place, cold, but beautiful. Neil is a great and creative photographer who has some amazing skills and techniques to pass on. I have admired his work for some time and to learn from him was an awesome experience. Throughout the day we played around with alot of off camera lighting techniques and working with available light but thinking outside the box.

On days like these it is also a great way to meet other industry professionals, make up artists, florists, dress designers and boutiques and also other photographers who are all at different points in thier careers which comes back to constantly learning and picking up tricks and tips from one and all which brings me back to constantly learning. It helped to have some great models to work with such as Kit and wedding photographer James Jebson and his wife Gemma.

Learning from Neil was an amazing eye opener into things I had never thought of or things I had wondered how things were done but could never quite wrap my head arround and Neil managed to allow me to think differently and talk through ways and means of doing things.

I am glad I attended the workshop as I managed to learn so much which I hope I will get to put into practice at upcomming weddings and shoots to help produce some images like the ones below for my future Brides and Grooms and I really look forward to working with some of the awesome people I met on the day.

Suppliers from the day:

Workshop by Neil Redfern

Hair and Makeup by Flossy and Leigh

Flowers by Laurel Weddings

Dresses by Lulu Browns

Venue Hoghton Tower

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