Last Drop Wedding Photography // Amy and Tom

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Last Drop Wedding Photography

Last Drop Village Wedding Photography – Amy and Tom

Look at how happy these two are! Those smiles were on their faces all day and who could blame them! Their wedding at the Last Drop Village was everything they’d planned for and dreamed of. 

There was a moment, during the wedding reception, when I caught sight of Amy. The sun was shining. Her loved ones were chatting away with a glass of fizz to hand and she was just glowing with joy and love. I don’t think she could’ve looked any happier. She was surrounded by everyone she adored, she had her girls with her and she’d just married her Tom. I always encourage my couples to have a moment on the day when they just step back and take everything in. The wedding day flies by and so much is going on that it’s impossible to take everything in. Just taking a minute to stop, breathe and look around you is so worth it. 

Weddings at the Last Drop Village

Amy and Tom met through friends and have been together for years. They’ve got two adorable daughters and this wedding is the icing on the cake, the start of a new chapter in their lives together. 

They were keen for a rustic, countryside feel to their wedding day so the Last Drop Village was the perfect choice for them. 

Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa is tucked away on the edge of the West Pennine Moors but a stone’s throw from Bolton centre which makes it perfect for guests travelling to the wedding. I’ve always wondered where the name came from, and found out recently that when the owner was finishing off work on the restaurant his friends offered him the remaining wine – the “last drop” in the bottle – in celebration. That was in 1964 but the buildings actually started life hundreds of years earlier in the 17th century. It was known as “Orrell Fold” and was originally built for farming. 

In the 1930s the farm buildings were used for stabling race horses before they were bought in the 1960s and turned into the Last Drop Village Hotel. Today it’s a hugely popular Lancashire wedding venue. With all that history and farming background I can see why Amy and Tom fell for Last Drop’s rustic charm. 

Documentary wedding photography at Last Drop Village 

Amy and Tom wanted lots of documentary style wedding photographs, in keeping with their very chilled out day. Of course they encouraged me to get creative too so I stole them away at certain points for some very natural and relaxed wedding portraits and they really appreciated some time alone together. 

Apart from those portraits I spent the day capturing all the laughter and antics of Amy, Tom, their cheeky daughters and their wedding guests. I always get involved on the day, chatting away to people and making sure everyone is comfortable around me. That’s the way to get the best photographs of all the action! 

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will mix documentary with creativity then get in touch.