2016 Wedding Highlights – A Year In Review

As we step into 2017, which currently looks to be a busy year with what will be some mind blowing weddings, I wanted to take a look back over 2016 which has been pretty awesome and really great fun. I have spent the year capturing some amazing weddings, working on some awesome shoots and working with some really cool people in some pretty sweet venues.

Not only this but I have developed my skills and kept learning from some of the best photographers in the country, taking time to attend workshops run by Neil Redfern, The Crawleys and The Lawsons. To continue learning in 2017 The Lawsons have taken on the task of mentoring so you should see more development and a few changes, all for the better.

Looking back through all the weddings I have had the pleasure of capturing was really fun but it was also tricky picking out my 2016 wedding highlights but I managed to whittle it down to the images below. I feel very honoured being asked to attend such great weddings and capture such great moments!

Not only have I had some great weddings but also been able to celebrate my sister in law getting engaged which meant heading out to Lancaster for a shoot and also heading to Stoke for one of my best friends pre wedding shoot after another engagement!

As we look ahead 2017 looks to be my busiest year yet with some amazing plans to drive me forward and to push my photography further. As I continue to grow and learn I thank all the couples who allow me to create and capture such beautiful moments.

If you want to see your moments and memories in my 2017 and even 2018 highlights when the time comes please do get in touch but in the meantime please enjoy my 2016 highlights.

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