Super Fun and Relaxed Wedding at The Wellbeing Farm

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wellbeing farm wedding photography

Fun, relaxed wedding at The Wellbeing Farm // Will and Laura

June saw me heading back to my second home – The Wellbeing Farm – for Will and Laura’s fun packed wedding. 

These two are fab, I had already done a pre-wedding shoot with them so I knew they were full of laughter and absolutely loved taking the mick out of each other. They are both really laid back and their wedding was one of the most chilled out days I’d been to! 

Weddings at The Wellbeing Farm

I’m a big fan of The Wellbeing Farm – and not just because it’s a ten minute drive from my house! It’s one of the quirkiest and most unique wedding venues I’ve been to. Sheep roam the farm yard, bow tie wearing llamas stroll around during the reception and a couple of donkeys (with flat caps!) normally make an appearance too. 

That morning I joined Will and his groomsmen over at The Last Drop Hotel before heading over to The Wellbeing Farm where Laura was getting ready in the Farmhouse. As they were getting their makeup done a sports car roared up the driveway – Will had arrived! He headed straight to the bar and poured himself and his boys – except for Mini Best Man Billy – a shot of whiskey. What an entrance! 

Not to be outdone the girls popped the Prosecco and got the celebrations started. As their guests were ushered into the barn ready for their wedding ceremony Laura took a few moments to herself, just to steady those nerves. She looked absolutely incredible in her simple yet classic wedding dress. I knew that Will wasn’t going to be able to take his eyes off her. 

Dog friendly weddings at The Wellbeing Farm

One of the best things about The Wellbeing Farm is how dog friendly it is. Will’s faithful pup was able to join him for the ceremony which I know meant a lot to both Will and Laura. The wedding ceremony was perfect. A real mix of laughter and emotion. Laura’s daughter, Ruby, did a heartfelt reading before Josh, her son, stood up with Billy, Will’s son, to deliver another reading. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house after that! 

Throughout the reception one of my favourite magicians, Andy Harrison (Rockstar Magic), kept their guests entertained. He looks like a Rockstar and is frighteningly good at sleight of hand. If I didn’t know better I’d say he really was magic! 

Will and Laura’s guests were having a whale of a time. As well as being mesmerised by Andy they loved taking selfies with the donkeys and llamas and even had a space hopper race! Laura and Will couldn’t resist getting in on that and attempted to race each other – it didn’t go well! 

Mega wedding dance floor! 

Will and Laura had booked the incredible Boomin’ Band. Seriously one of the best wedding bands I’ve ever seen. Everyone loved them, the dancefloor was packed and the band – and guests – got up to all kinds of shenanigans! This is a prime example of why I never leave straight after the first dance! 

Weddings at The Wellbeing Farm are always fantastic but this one was another level! What a day!