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Riki Dalal and Noya Bridal Styled Shoot // Sandhole Oak Barn

Wedding Photography Bridal Make Up

Sandhole Oak Barn is a pretty amazing space and I recently got to spend a day there thanks to Bill and his amazing team for letting us use the space for a one of a kind shoot. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best but we live in England and there is always that risk but we made the most of it.

Working with an absolutely top notch team from top bridal boutique The White Gallery from Ramsbottom. They organised and curated an amazing team for hair and make up. Hair stylist James Roberts of James Roberts Hair and Beauty was on hand to create some great styles and the make up was provided by the awesome Ella Norris and flowers were provided by Rose Hip florists.

Model Leila wore the dresses so well and it was an absolute privilege to work with her and to be shooting such amazing dresses designed by such an amazing designer. The dresses were supplied from The White Gallery by Riki Dalal and Noya Bridal. These are such amazing and exciting dresses from a relatively new but such a sought after designer.

As Riki Dalal says “As years pass, bridal designers are getting bolder, due to the fact that many Israeli wedding gown designs are paving the way for a new era of bridal couture. Daring backs, tight rears, deep necklines, and intricate detail have become the newest string of wedding gowns, and Riki Dalal has become amongst the top designers in Israel to sell her dresses across the globe.”

I absolutely loved my time at Sandhole Oak Barn and working with The White Gallery and this won’t be the last colaboration with such a cool boutique. I can’t recomend these guys enough, such a great and dedicated team and I can’t wait to see what we cook up next time!



Ella Norris Make Up Artist

Bride has make up applied by Ella Norris

Bride in hair and make up

bridal bouquet made by Rose Hip Florists

Bridal Bouquet In the window

Bride portrait with riki dalal dress and bridal bouquet

Bride Smiles

Bride looks to camera whilst holding bouquet

Bride in riki dalal and noya bridal gown

White Gallery Blog (34 of 126)

Bride wears Riki Dalal Gown from The White Gallery Ramsbottom

White Gallery Blog (42 of 126)

White Gallery Blog (45 of 126)

Bride wears riki dalal and Noya Bridal gown from The White Gallery ramsbottom

White Gallery Blog (60 of 126)

Wedding Bride unde veil at sandhole oak barn

Bride Laughing and Smiling

bride holding wedding bouquet wearing Noya Bridal and Riki Dalal

Bride laughing and smiling whilst playing with veil

Bride stands by grand piano

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Bride wearing Riki Dalal Dress from The White Gallery Ramsbottom outside Sandhole Oak Barn

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Engagement shoot // Andy and Rach // Stoke

I recently met up with Andy and Rach for a catch up, good walk and good food all whilst shooting some cool engagement photos for an awesome couple.

I have known Andy for a few years, maybe 5 or more but it’s a bit hazy as most of our time hanging out involves heavy drinking and partying. I met Andy from the days where we were both in bands and aiming to be the next best world dominating rock band. Safe to say neither of us “made it” but we had fun trying!

We first met when the band I was in supported Andy’s band, Screwloose, on the Manchester leg of thier tour back in April 2009. Since then we have met up lots and become really good friends and I was so happy when I got the news that he had asked Rach to be his wife as the past 12 months for Andy and Rach haven’t been the easiest.

So just over 12 months ago, I found out from a mutual friend that Andy and Rach had been involved in a pretty horrific car accident. An almost head on collision had landed them both in hospital with horrible injuries that I will not go into but it wasn’t pleasant and didn’t look great. Andy was out in a week with multiple broken bones but Rach would be in and out of hospital for months after the accident. Like I said I’m not going into it in detail but months went by and Andy and Rach recovered amazingly (as you can see below) and then Andy mentioned they had planned a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and to celebrate their recovery.

Now when I heard about this once in a lifetime holiday I turned to my wife Laura and said “Andy is going to pop the question”. Being in the wedding industry, I like to think my senses to this sort of thing have been heightened! I wasn’t wrong either, seeing pictures of them under the Northern Lights and with Rach’s new ring. I honestly couldn’t have been happier for them. After all the crap they had been dealt over the last 12 months, they really deserved the happiness.

On hearing the news when they returned we knew we were overdue a catch up which gave us the perfect opportunity to head out and get some gorgeous photos and I hope you agree they do look gorgeous and the plastic surgeon did an amazing job on Andy’s face*


*this is a joke Andy has always looked that way!


Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Photography

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love

Engagement Shoot Stoke Wedding Dog Woodland Couple Love


Rock The Frock A Post Wedding Shoot

Rock The Frock – A Post Wedding ShootAlternative weddingMy Wife Laura

Recently I decided to do something a little different and something not alot of photographers do and that was to collaborate with another photographer. I had met Kate from Squid and Pearl Photography on an earlier shoot where she had decided to jump in front of the camera (Blog here!). Through out shooting with Kate obviously both being photographers we got chatting and decided to work together on a shoot.

With us both having different styles but wanting to do something with a bit of a twist I suggested we head to a location I have shot at before and love but would be a little different from your normal bridal shoot. Huncoat is an old abandoned powerstation covered in graffiti and it has been left to fall appart.

When my wife, Laura, heard what I was planning she immediately wanted to help out. We have explored huncoat together before and even before we got married Laura had suggested wanting to go back to have a shoot in her dress. Its not often my wife offers to stand in front of the camera for me but I think the fact it gave her opportunity to rock her frock again was too good to pass up and I have to admit it was pretty cool to be able to photograph my wife in her dress as she wouldnt let me take any pictures on our wedding day 😉

Alongside Kate and I we built up our little dream team of suppliers to help us out. Michael from Satin Pictures came down to capture some awesome behind the scenes footage and put together a little video which can be found at the bottom of the blog. Michael is an awesome guy and knows his way round a great wedding video and I cant wait to work with him again. Make up was provided by the lovely Kat Horrocks and flowers by the awesome Bliss Flower Art who again both come highly recomended.

I really hope you enjoy the pictures from the shoot!


Graffiti Wedding inspirationKate from Squid and Pearl Michael from Satin Pictures Smoke Grenade Wedding Photography Kate from Squid and Pearl Converse and wedding dress Huncoat-1376 Smoke Grenade wedding photography Smoke Grenade Wedding Kat Horrocks Make Up Huncoat-2120 Huncoat-2121 Graffiti Wedding Flowers by Bliss Bridal Flower Crown Smoke Grenade Rock n Roll Bride Huncoat-2275-2 Smoke Grenade Wedding Bliss Flower Art Bliss Flower Bouquet Bridal Bouquet Squid and Pearl Huncoat-2414 Huncoat-2436 Huncoat-2451 Huncoat-2459


Wedding Photography // A Neil Redfern Workshop

Neil Redfern Workshop-1211

I feel as a wedding photographer that there is always something to learn and there is always someone to learn from whether it be from someone who has been photographing for years or from someone who has a cool technique or even if it is to learn how not to do something.

I recently attended a workshop run by Neil Redfern at Hoghton Tower. Hoghton Tower is such a beautiful place, cold, but beautiful. Neil is a great and creative photographer who has some amazing skills and techniques to pass on. I have admired his work for some time and to learn from him was an awesome experience. Throughout the day we played around with alot of off camera lighting techniques and working with available light but thinking outside the box.

On days like these it is also a great way to meet other industry professionals, make up artists, florists, dress designers and boutiques and also other photographers who are all at different points in thier careers which comes back to constantly learning and picking up tricks and tips from one and all which brings me back to constantly learning. It helped to have some great models to work with such as Kit and wedding photographer James Jebson and his wife Gemma.

Learning from Neil was an amazing eye opener into things I had never thought of or things I had wondered how things were done but could never quite wrap my head arround and Neil managed to allow me to think differently and talk through ways and means of doing things.

I am glad I attended the workshop as I managed to learn so much which I hope I will get to put into practice at upcomming weddings and shoots to help produce some images like the ones below for my future Brides and Grooms and I really look forward to working with some of the awesome people I met on the day.

Suppliers from the day:

Workshop by Neil Redfern

Hair and Makeup by Flossy and Leigh

Flowers by Laurel Weddings

Dresses by Lulu Browns

Venue Hoghton Tower

Neil Redfern Workshop-0434 Neil Redfern Workshop-0453 Neil Redfern Workshop-0469 Neil Redfern Workshop-0483 Neil Redfern Workshop-1174 Neil Redfern Workshop-1177 Neil Redfern Workshop-1193 Neil Redfern Workshop-1208 Neil Redfern Workshop-1220 Neil Redfern Workshop-1232 Neil Redfern Workshop-1235 Neil Redfern Workshop-1238 Neil Redfern Workshop-1265 Neil Redfern Workshop-1285 Neil Redfern Workshop-1313 Neil Redfern Workshop-1354 Neil Redfern Workshop-1356

Manchester Wedding Photography // Styled Shoot at The Ainscow

Manchester Wedding Photography – The Ainscow Wedding Photography

Ainscow-0161I recently had the pleasure of being invited to The Ainscow Hotel to work on a styled shoot alongside a cast of amazing wedding suppliers.

The Ainscow is an awesome hotel right on the edge of Manchester and is a relatively new wedding venue but looks like it will be getting very busy very soon! On the day I met up with Petals In Love who brought along some cool LOVE letters stuffed with silk flowers which were completely different to most of the light up letters seen at most weddings. They also brought along a wicked trike with ice cream and champagne pops.

Our models for the day were the gorgeous Kate and Shannon and hair and make up was provided by the talented Danielle Horan and dresses were supplied by Philipe Marques Bridal which were stunning and matched the high quality venue dressing provided by Qube Events and topped off with some beautiful stationary from The Mont Blanc Stationers.

The theme for the day was city chic which our brides pulled off so well as I am sure you will agree.


Ainscow-0005 Ainscow-0006 Ainscow-0010 Ainscow-0011 Ainscow-0015 Ainscow-0037 Ainscow-0048 Ainscow-0108 Ainscow-0124 Ainscow-0134 Ainscow-0136 Ainscow-0210 Ainscow-0213 Ainscow-0235 Ainscow-0243 Ainscow-0250 Ainscow-0253 Ainscow-0266 Ainscow-0281 Ainscow-0288 Ainscow-0294 Ainscow-0312 Ainscow-0342 Ainscow-0423 Ainscow-0826 Ainscow-0853 Ainscow-0903 Ainscow-0918 Ainscow-1045 Ainscow-1090 Ainscow-1100 Ainscow-1125 Ainscow-1145 Ainscow-9964


Manchester Wedding Photographer – 2015 A Year in Review

JD Masterclass-8848

So as we look forward to the year ahead I wanted to post a blog about the year that has just gone. This is only my second ever blog because 2015 was a big year and I want to share some of that with you. Every wedding that features here will be blogged on its own in its full glory over the next few weeks.

For me 2015 was my first full 12 months as a wedding photographer and this is one of the reasons that my second ever blog is a look back for a few reasons. Over the past 12 months I feel I have grown as a photographer and constantly been learning and developing. One main thing I learnt was websites are awesome but also hard work and blogging is key, I learnt this a little late into the year hence this blog now.

Before 2015 I had photographed some beautiful weddings but had never considered this was what I wanted to do long term, it was only at the back end of 2014 when I received some kind words from a few close friends that made me think this is it, this is what I want to do so I put the wheels in motion and in 2015 I photographed some great weddings and hoping 2016 will be bigger and better!

My First wedding of the year was with Julia and Scott in Staffordshire. The rain was a bit pesky but didn’t stop plans for some great shots.

Julia and Scott Blog--212 Julia and Scott Blog--81 Julia and Scott Blog--121 Julia and Scott (4 of 4)-2

My next wedding of the year saw me at Astley Bank Hotel in Darwen with Craig and Neisha tying the knot. Such a great couple with some amazing personal touches put into their day. Keep an eye out for thier blog hitting the site in the next week or two.

Craig and Neisha Blog--88  Craig and Neisha Blog--48  Craig and Neisha Blog--209 Craig and Neisha Blog--155

Hannah and Ashley invited me to Northampton to photograph their big day which was such a great celebration.

Hannah and Ashley Blog-2-5 Hannah and Ashley Blog-3-2 Hannah and Ashley Blog-2906 Hannah and Ashley Blog-3294 Hannah and Ashley Blog-3328

Next wedding of the year was over to the Wirral for the wedding of Ashley and Pete, Working alongside North Star Digital.

 Ash and Pete Blog-4572 Ash and Pete Blog-4450 Ash and Pete Blog-5730 Ash and Pete Blog-5582

Louise and Peter had me a closer to home with a small family affair in Bolton. lovely ceremony and a great couple who couldn’t take themselves seriously and were a little cheeky!

Louise and Peter-6066 Louise and Peter-6276 Louise and Peter-6353  Louise and Peter-5975

Sharlene and Damien got married out in Spain but had a party for friends who couldn’t make it when they got back and asked for party coverage at Ridgmont House and who can say no to a party!

Sharlene and Damien Blog-2-2 Sharlene and Damien Blog-9219 Sharlene and Damien Blog-9225 Sharlene and Damien Blog-9233 Sharlene and Damien Blog-9359 Sharlene and Damien Blog-9451 Sharlene and Damien Blog-9460

September and October saw me head back to the venue where my wife and I got married. The awesome Heaton House Farm for a styled shoot and a two day masterclass. It was great to catch up with the staff and also to learn so much from Jonny Draper who is someone whose work has always inspired me.

The masterclass was styled by Love Bridal, hair by Paisley Gamble, Make Up by Gemma Hallowell and  flowers provided by The Flower Lounge.

JD Masterclass-8529  JD Masterclass-8685 JD Masterclass-8738 JD Masterclass-8571

The Styled shoot I co-ordinated was styled by Something Blue Bridal Boutique and John Francis Menswear and flowers were provided by Rose Hip of Bolton. Hair and Make up by Jazz from The Make-Up Company.

Heaton House Shoot Blog-7780 Heaton House Shoot Blog-7904 Heaton House Shoot Blog-7957  Heaton House Shoot Blog-8132  Heaton House Shoot Blog-8224 Heaton House Shoot Blog-8171

My final wedding of the year was down in Nottingham for the wedding of Julia and Mike. Such a wicked and fun couple who invited me to stay and party with friends and family once I had clocked off!

 Mike and Julia Blog-6311 Mike and Julia Blog-6402 Mike and Julia Blog-6546 Mike and Julia Blog-6791 Mike and Julia Blog-8678 Mike and Julia Blog-9240

That was my 2015. Not a massive amount but it kept me busy and gave me a lot to think about for the year ahead. Happy New Year and if you are getting married in the years to come feel free to drop me a message to discuss your plans should you need a photographer.

JD Masterclass-8763


Heaton House Farm – Bridal Shoot and Wedding Masterclass

Heaton House Bridal Shoot

In the past month I have revisited the venue I was lucky enough to book for my own wedding. Heading back to Heaton House Farm brought back a lot of amazing memories from my own wedding but also gave me the opportunity to explore an amazing venue with lots of great shooting space.

My first of two visits was for a styled bridal shoot working with Something Blue Bridal Boutique who provided two stunning tea dresses for our model Samm, flowers were provided by the wonderful Beci at Rose Hip, hair and make up were expertly done by Jazz from The Make Up Company and finaly not forgetting the suit which was kindly supplied by John Francis Menswear modeled by Chris.

It was great to get out and into the space and be able to shoot at such an amazing and beautiful location.

Heaton House Bridal Shoot

Heaton House Bridal Shoot

Heaton House Bridal Shoot

My second visit to Heaton House Farm was for a wedding masterclass run by Jonny Draper who shared an amazing wealth of knowledge not only about how he goes about shooting a wedding but to the business side of the industry introducing myself and the 4 other photographers to Julia Braime of Brides Up North, Jonny’s wife Emma who runs Love Bridal Boutique who also provided the gorgeous dresses for the shoot day. We were also introduced to Sarah from the events team at heaton house and Sian from The Flower Lounge who also provided flowers on the shoot day.

Bridal Shoot Masterclass

Spread out over two days focusing on shooting a wedding on day one working with awesome models Alex and Joel  and then how to run an awesome wedding business (Jonny’s words not mine) on day two. So much to take onboard and run with and to use in the planning going forward. Total value for money and cannot recomend the class to anyone highly enough considering going into the wedding industry.

Bridal Shoot Masterclass

Bridal Masterclass

Bridal Masterclass

Bridal Masterclass

Bridal Masterclass

Bridal Masterclass

Bridal Masterclass