Hi I’m Nik!

Proud Northerner and Boltonian. I live with my wife Laura, our son Reuben and our little cat Tiger in our cosy home in Bromley Cross.

I recently got married back in 2014 and was heavily involved in the planning so understand how you feel and how sometimes it can seem stressful. This is why you book me, you don’t just book a photographer; I am here for any advice or recommendations you may need along the way while planning your wedding.

I have been a wedding photographer for over 5 years and only book a limited number of weddings per year to ensure each of my couples gets the same full service and experience they deserve.

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My Style

I am a relaxed, chilled yet outgoing individual, which I feel has helped define my style for me. For the majority of the day myself and my second photographer will work in a very documentary style floating around, blending in and just capturing moments as they happen to keep everyone at ease. We will mingle and interact with friends and family which keeps everyone at ease. Be warned: we do get quite close just so when you look back over your images you get the feeling of being in the moment again. I haven’t been told off for it yet!

When it comes to the couples’ portraits these normally take about an hour but I break it up into little pockets throughout the day so you don’t miss that quality time with your guests. Also by doing this we get different light and a different feel to each set of images.

I love symmetry, leading lines and strong composition so we use this when working with you to create your images. Don’t worry about posing as we keep it simple and fun as I want you to enjoy it. Be yourselves and your images should reflect that.

At some point during the day we will take a little time to create a signature image. This could be a creatively lit night time portrait in the evening or something big and epic as the sun sets. On the day I will specifically look for something eye catching, cool and different.

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Why Not? I get to be part of the greatest party and celebration between two people in love. Getting to hang out with happy people and documenting it all for those people to keep forever IS THE BEST JOB (If you can call it a job!)

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I love the time in the morning with the Bride. All the excitement and anticipation and also as a guy it’s not something we blokes are normally privy to! It’s a great honour to be invited to and to be trusted to capture this special morning!


There is nothing better than just chilling out watching a boxset or a film; I have become addicted to boxsets recently. When not glued to the TV I quite enjoy spending time with my wife and our little boy, exploring new places and finding new cool places to eat!


A good burger (recommendations accepted!), Spain and traditional Spanish food, travel and exploring, my wife (she would kill me if I left her out), my little boy (he is pretty new but I am loving being a dad) gin, music (mainly Punk, Rock and Ska but I have an eclectic taste) and finally our cat Tiger even if he does attack me a lot.

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