About Me

Hi I’m Nik! Proud Northerner and Boltonian.


I’m Nik and thanks for stopping by!

First a little about me

I live in Bromley Cross in a cosy home I share with my wife Laura, our son Reuben & our cat Tiger. Oh and I love taking pictures of people in love!

Nik Bryant Weddings

What Do You Do When Not Shooting Weddings?

I’ll be more than likely spending time with the family and being used as a climbing frame by my little boy.

I love finding cool places to eat as I am a sucker for a really good burger or awesome pizza. Quite controversially I do like pineapple on pizza (SORRY).

I’m easily drawn into box sets & movie marathons (tiny person permitting). So if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! One point though that we need to address, Die Hard is a Christmas film. THE BEST CHRISTMAS FILM!

When I’m not shooting weddings, eating out or watching the latest Blockbuster I also love to travel. My favourite destination so far is Cuba but also holidays to New York & Spain rank really highly on the list too. I have many more places on the bucket list though so watch this space!

Things I love!

Music – Totally eclectic taste. I love Pop punk, Metal, Rock, Reggae and secretly a bit of cheesy pop.

Food – Pizza, Burgers and Good Mexican food. Oh and you can’t stop me destroying an entire bag of haribo goldbears in one sitting!

Travel – Cuba was amazing and I would love to go back, America, especially New York and finally Spain. I love to travel and if I won the lottery I would be off exploring!

My Style

I am a relaxed, chilled and outgoing individual, which I feel has helped define my style for me.

For the majority of your day I will be floating around, blending in & capturing special moments as they happen in a documentary style. Then as you look back over the images from your wedding day you get the chance to relive it again. Be warned though, to get some of these shots I can get quite close! I’ve not been told off for it yet!

When it comes to the couples’ portraits these normally take about an hour but I break it up into little pockets throughout the day so you don’t miss that quality time with your wedding guests. Also by doing this we get different light and a different feel to each set of images.

I love symmetry, leading lines and strong composition so we use this when working with you to create your images. Don’t worry about posing as we keep it simple and fun as I want you to enjoy it.

Why Weddings?

Why not?! I get to be part of the greatest party and celebration between two people in love alongside their friends & family. Getting to hang out with happy people and create treasured memories for them all IS THE BEST JOB (if you can call it a job!).

Where Did It Start?

Its really hard to pinpoint where my love of photography started but I do remember always taking photos of my mates skateboarding at school. I then progressed to photographing live bands & working at nightclubs . Now fast forward to today & here I am, shooting weddings & loving every second of it.

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