Didsbury Wedding Photography // Craig and Jess

Married couple have their first kiss in the blue room at Didsbury HouseEveryone loves Didsbury and a Didsbury Wedding right? I can tell you one thing you probably don’t love Didsbury nearly half as much as Jess and Craig. I think that the one thing I took away from this Didsbury wedding was that everything felt really local- the wedding party got ready at 11 Didsbury Park and the ceremony was held at Didsbury House hotel. The dress was from The White Closet on Burton Road. The cakes, and there was a lot of them, were from The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon, another Didsbury hot-spot. Everything about it felt local and I really loved that.

Didsbury Wedding Photography

I got a few shots of both the bride and the groom getting ready in the morning which was really nice. Jess had three bridesmaids and you can tell from my photographs that there was a lot of love in the room. The bridesmaids were dressed in mint green Grecian numbers which looked stunning against the bride’s white dress and the pink/purples tones in the flowers. Everything had the fresh pastel colours of spring, and it was like a breath of fresh air.

I must say the vibe with the groom was much more relaxed with his two best men. Flowers were a big part of this wedding, they were done by Sian at The Flower Lounge. She really outdid herself. They felt really wild and natural by the use of thistles, roses and freesias. They looked stunning in the bride’s hair and dotted around the room where they would be married. I love working with the guys at The Flower Lounge, make sure to check them out if you are looking for a florist!

House Party Vibes at  Eleven Didsbury Park

The wedding party walked over to the venue which was a nice touch while I took some snaps of the guests arriving. They had organised the Northern String Quartet to play for the arrival and throughout the day. This felt lovely and traditional, and mixed up in the gorgeous setting of the Georgian featured Blue Room at Didsbury House Hotel it gave the whole experience a vintage, bygone feel. The ceremony kicked off at 2pm and there were certainly a few tears. It was just beautiful, and a pleasure for me to shoot. They had a relaxed hand-fasting ceremony where the two mothers tied the ribbon around the happy couple. Fun Fact: This is where ‘tying the knot’ comes from- it is a Celtic tradition where families would literally tie two clans together through marriage.

I really enjoyed working alongside Michael from Satin Pictures who was on videography too. We worked late into the evening as things move on to the meal and finally the party afterwards which had a very relaxed, almost house party type feel. The venue isn’t massive, so everything felt really intimate and close. This one was most certainly up there with one of my favourites, so thank you to Jess and Craig for letting me be part of you Didsbury House Wedding.

bride having her make up done at eleven didsbury park bride has lipstick applied for her didsbury wedding make up artist completes bridal make up for didsbury wedding bridesmaids take a selfie on the wedding morning wedding make up taking place at eleven didsbury park bride with flowers in her hair bridal make up being applied groom is caught drying his hair groom putting the finishing touches to his speech groom checks his phone on the wedding morning Groom puts on his cufflinks Best man helps the groom with his button hole from The Flower Lounge The Blue room at Didsbury House Hotel set out for a wedding Bride walks down the isle with her father Father of the bride shakes hands with the groom bride and groom exchange a look during the ceremony at Didsbury House Bridal Bouquet by The Flower Lounge The exchanging of rings at Didsbury House Hotel Ring Exchange at Didsbury Wedding Mothers of the bride and groom bind the couples hands in a traditional handfasting Traditional Hand fasting ceremony at didsbury house hotel The first kiss as husband and wife bridesmaids and best men groups in the gardens at eleven Didsbury park Florals from The Flower Lounge Eleven Didsbury Park all set for a wedding Cakes from And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon Married couple in the gardens of Eleven Didsbury Park Married couple take in the sunset from the roof of Eleven Didsbury Park Married couple share a moment in the gardens of Eleven Didsbury Park Didsbury wedding photography by Nik Bryant married couple in front of all the greenery in the gardens of Eleven Didsbury Park couple under the blossom tree at Eleven Didsbury Park married couple share a kiss outside Eleven Didsbury Park Father of the bride gives his speech at a Didsbury wedding Groom addresses his father in law during his speech groom prepares a toast best man uses props to humiliate the groom groom with his head in his hands in reaction to the best mans speech first dance in the lounge at Eleven Didsbury Park married couple smile happily during their first dance full dance floor at Eleven Didsbury Park

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at Didsbury House and Eleven Didsbury Park for looking after Matt and I on the day and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food. Big shout out to Matt Grainger for second shooting for me!

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