Victoria Baths Wedding Photography // Olly and Aimee

Bride and Groom take a seat to cool down at Victoria BathsOlly is an old mate of mine from when I used to play in a band way back when. He is still a musician, while I, on the other hand, chose to pick up a camera instead. I really enjoyed shooting a wedding of a close friend. I think all weddings are special and are always an honour to be involved with, but there is something a little different when it is a friend. It might be the added pressure, but that’s something I thrive on so to be involved in this Victoria Baths Wedding was a real honour.

Victoria Baths Wedding

It took place at the gorgeous Victoria Baths, an Edwardian swimming bath which is in a beautiful state of disrepair. In its day, the Baths were made of the highest quality of materials and it beautiful in its own right. Light floods in from the glass roof and stained glass, and wooden surfaces make the space feel so luxurious. Obviously, the pools are now emptied of water but the space is still equipped with all the parts from shining emerald green tiles, all the piping and curtained changing stalls. It’s certainly a wedding venue with a difference. It had so much quirky charm and so many opportunities for stunning photos. I had Olivia Whittaker helping me out. It was getting dangerously close to my son being born at this point, so I needed someone to take over in case I needed to run off.

On One Of The Hottest Days Of The Year

Both the ceremony and the reception took place inside the empty pools which was a bit of a novelty and so much fun. The décor was colourful, playful and bright which was descriptive of the day in general.

The bride got ready in Deansgate with her bridesmaids and mother. Aimee’s sister Feliciti was the maid of honour, it was so nice to see such a close family network. Aimee’s dress was beautiful; classic white with a vintage 1920’s look to it while Olly was dressed in blue tweed. Although this looked cracking in the pictures, it might have been an unwise choice at the venue. Victoria Baths, with its enormous glass ceiling, made the rooms like a sauna in the baking sunshine of June. Everyone was feeling it though- even me. At one point we had to lie down on the tile floors to cool off.

Fantastic day. Fantastic shoot. Fantastic couple. Lots of love to Aimee and Olly

Victoria Baths Wedding Venue in Manchester Bridal prep in Manchester Flowers and cards on the wedding day Bride and her sister enjoying the bridal morning Finishing touches and bridal jewelry Hair and make up during bridal prep Victoria Baths wedding venue Bride and her sister on her wedding morning details and decoration on the morning of Olly and Aimees wedding Bridesmaid has her hair styled on the morning of the wedding Ceremony set up in the pool at Victoria Baths emotional moments during bridal prep Victoria Baths ceremony set up Bridal make up in manchester Table details and favours at Victoria Baths Bridal make up in manchester Bridal make up in a city centre appartment Bridal hair styling in Manchester Grooms mum fixes his tie before the ceremony at Victoria Baths Grooms mum attaches button hole before Victoria Baths wedding Brides father reacts to seeing his daughetrin her wedding dress Groom waits nervously in the pool at Victoria Baths Bride makes her arrival at Victoria Baths bride shows off during her wedding ceremony wedding ceremony in the pool at Victoria Baths wedding ceremony in the pool at victoria baths brides parents get emotional during wedding ceremony First kiss under the bunting in the pool at Victoria BathsBride and Groom laugh during the ceremony at Victoria Baths Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in the changing stalls at Victoria Baths Bride and Groom hold hands at Victoria Baths Couples portraits at Victoria Baths Bridal portrait at Victoria Baths Wedding photography at Victoria Baths Bride and Groom at Victoria Baths Bride and Groom share a joke during their wedding photos at Victoria Baths Victoria Baths wedding photography Bridal Portraits at Victoria Baths Victoria Baths Wedding Photography Bride and Groom walk down the poolside at Victoria Baths Husband and Wife share a moment at Victoria Baths Bride and Groom at the deep end of the pool at Victoria Baths Father of the Bride gives his speech Father of the bride gives a speech at Victoria Baths Groom looks on nervously during the father of the bride speech bride cries during her fathers speech Grooms speech at Victoria Baths Groom gives a speech at his wedding at Victoria Baths Brides father plugs his ears during the grooms speech at Victoria Baths Groom speaks to his bride during his speech Bride cries during her husbands speech at Victoria Baths The best man speaks at a Victoria Baths Wedding The groom reacts to the best mans speech Groom laughing at his best mans speech bride and groom share their first dance at Victoria Baths Bride and Groom dance in front of friends and family bride and groom first dance First dance at victoria baths surrounded by friends and family The happy couple share their first dance with friends and family at Victoria Baths

Thank You

Thank you so much to the team at Victoria Baths for looking after Olivia and I on the day and for letting us have free reign around the venue for photos! Also thank you to the catering team for looking after us and hooking us up with some real tasty food.

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